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Schieper -> Guitar strings review (Dec. 25 2019 17:16:04)

Probably partly covered in detail in subform etc. To add to that I would like to [over time] record my experiences with various strings. To start with

Aquila - Sugar - Classical Guitar [bs 2/2019] - Extra High Tension

Simple none air tight sleeve. All strings coiled in one bundle without identification on individual strings

First impression:
Nice red color of bases. The G strings seems very thick. Very stable sound. Small echo. Could not string the high E. It kept snapping 3 times at the bridge. Even after trying to tighten it really slowly, could not get past d#. Luckily I had a d'adario left.

Louder strings, make a responsive, hard and popping sound.
The trebles have a anoying quitsching sound when my finger runs over it.

Thick and hard tension which make them more harder to play

Used guitar: Yulong Guo Flamenca

AndresK -> RE: Guitar strings review (Dec. 26 2019 6:32:22)

Hello and Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing the sugar strings experience. I have a normal tension pack on the way from strings by mail so I can test too.

It is true that tension described on the number details is very high. Not so sure if I am going to keep them more than a day.

Just wanted to ask what tension you got, as there are different ones as normal, superior and extra (which says is for flamenco but I wouldn't dare using such a high string tension, I wouldn't like to cause any stress on the absolutely excellent flamenco guitar I have).

Schieper -> RE: Guitar strings review (Dec. 27 2019 12:34:09)

It is extra high tension.. which they indeed are

singlechange -> RE: Guitar strings review (Oct. 4 2020 4:09:09)

Thanks for sharing. Lots of members here I think are interested in string reviews.

RTC -> RE: Guitar strings review (Oct. 5 2020 21:38:14)

In the process of buying new strings, wish there were more reviews. Searching the Foro now for older post.

AndresK -> RE: Guitar strings review (Oct. 11 2020 10:49:47)

Hello. If you want reviews for Aquila check the Aquila most durable set thread. I would not suggest the sugar extra for various reasons. If you want to try the sugar set go for their lower tension set.

Cervantes -> RE: Guitar strings review (Jan. 26 2021 2:14:29)

I have been playing the strings game again.
Was using Mari 100P.
Had read good things about Dogal Diamante so tried those and liked them.
But then also I had good luck with D'addario EJ25 so I compared against Dogal and the EJ25 edged them out.
I felt the sound was more open with the EJ25 and I liked the feel better, plus I can get them in black (muy Flamenco!).
I also like D'addario basses so I can buy the full set and at a very reasonable price.
String games over.

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