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mt1007 -> Jorge de Zofia 2019 - Blanca ***SOLD*** (Nov. 15 2019 1:05:24)


New Jorge de Zofia - blanca with finish imperfection for sale. Selling at discount for 2800 USD due to finish imperfection.

View pics and description here:

Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Spanish Cypress
Scale: 655mm
Finish: French Polish
Tuners: Gotoh 35G510QC Series
String height at the12th fret bass side: 2.25mm
Saddle height: 7mm
Nut width: 53mm
String distance at nut: 44mm between 1st and 6th string
String distance at saddle: 60mm between 1st and 6th string
Weight: 1244g / 2.74lbs


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