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himanshu.g -> left hand pinky (Sep. 18 2019 4:10:47)

On LH technique, I have read in various places that one should be using the finger tips to play . However, I noticed that , for me, LH pinky does not want to land on tip. One advice I have seen is to bring the thumb way down so that pinky could have the necessary curl and still reach frets on any string.
However when I do that and strictly try to use pinky finger tip, then while doing hammer ons, it needs much more accuracy and pinky finger tip often lands just above or below the string.
Just curious if training to land on finger tip is important from LH technique perspective and I should fix the hammer on accuracy problem by training at slow speed .

rombsix -> RE: left hand pinky (Sep. 18 2019 17:40:50)

Yes, otherwise you'll start muting strings / hitting the wrong strings with the pinky.

himanshu.g -> RE: left hand pinky (Sep. 19 2019 17:53:45)

Thanks, need to unlearn some bad habit.

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