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soclydeza85 -> Small/Travel flamenco/nylon guitars (Sep. 17 2019 12:58:36)

I'm planning a trip to Italy (Tuscany) and can't imagine overlooking the countryside and NOT being able to play, but I don't want to bring my fullsize flamenca. I'm looking for a small and cheap (but decent) nylon/classical/flamenca that I can bring on the trip but won't be too bulky to carry around and won't be a huge loss if it gets damaged in transit; something like the Martin backpacker but nylon and suitable for classical/flamenco. Any ideas?

johnnefastis -> RE: Small/Travel flamenco/nylon guitars (Sep. 17 2019 19:53:11)

I have an old Yamaha silent guitar. it packs down very thin as one side comes off. I take it around on travels and its so quite I can play at night without disturbing anyone. Love it.

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