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spain -> new here (Sep. 11 2019 13:50:55)

hi im new in flamenco [:D]
so just a question, since flamenco is a dance musical culture, is it actualy just two styles that are intended for dance? would like to hear more dance forms of flamenco, i mean videos, noticed there are not actualy even studio albums, right?

Escribano -> RE: new here (Sep. 11 2019 14:51:31)


since flamenco is a dance musical culture

I am betting that singing with palmas and jaleos came first, then dancing, then with guitar.

Piwin -> RE: new here (Sep. 11 2019 15:32:06)


is it actualy just two styles that are intended for dance?

Not sure I understand the question. What are the "two styles" you are referring to?

In any event, cante is the central component. Everything else, baile, guitarra, etc. is secondary, to an extent. The biggest difference when baile is involved is that everything tends to get tidied up in a rigid structure. Strict cuadrado full compas when, without baile, people wouldn't stick so much to that rigid structure.

If you're looking for material, you could look up people like:
Carmen Amaya
Manuela Carrasco
Pinky the dancing flamingo
Mario Maya
Antonio Canales
José Greco
Sara Baras

to name a few (hint: one of these does not belong [8D])

spain -> RE: new here (Sep. 11 2019 15:43:20)

was refering to buleria and tango.
kinda get it, knew just bout carmen amaya till now, thanks.

Piwin -> RE: new here (Sep. 11 2019 16:09:57)

Tangos and bulerias are just two "styles" (what in flamenco we would call "palos") among quite a few others.
Take a look at the column on the right side of this page for a more comprehensive list ("Los palos de la A a la Z"):

Erik van Goch -> RE: new here (Sep. 11 2019 17:11:13)

Welcome to the foro.

flyeogh -> RE: new here (Sep. 14 2019 11:40:49)

Spain just some thoughts from a little different angle. It might be worth considering what opportunities life will offer for you to further your interest in flamenco guitar.

Are there dance schools near where you could offer to play? It has been often mentioned here over the years that helping out at a dance school can be great practise. All they want is a simple compas repeated over and over. No call for fancy falsetas.
Will you visit Spain often? Which part?
Do you want to be a student of flamenco guitar (PdL style) or are you looking to be able to entertain your friends?
Will you go busking?
Etc. etc. ..................

If you have access to a dance school maybe a good idea to ask them what they do? I bet Sevillanas comes high on the list. So maybe that palo should be a great place to start.

If you aim to play at weddings, events, clubs then maybe Rumba would be a good choice.

My prof in Jerez offers 20 palos when he performs but often, by demand of his clients, only gets to play Sevillanas and Rumba. And I know Ricardo finds high Rumba demand on the other side of the pond (No sevillanas as his clients don't know how to dance to it).

When I attended a dance class in London it was again first Sevillanas. If I play Sevillanas for my spanish family they dance. Anything else and I'm background music at best [8|]

So I guess it might be a good idea to let your future possible audience/opportunities decide to some degree which palos you go for.

Just some thoughts while I pass a Saturday morning here in Spain waiting for the forecast rain to arrive - and do we need it - but hopefully not as yesterday in south-east Spain with cars floating down the roads.

ps: I think Bulerias you can treat as a different religion. It seems like the ultimate aim of the majority of those learning Flamenco guitar [:D]

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