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RobF -> RE: learning spanish on youtube (Nov. 16 2019 11:27:53)

I really enjoyed a show called “El Ministerio del Tiempo” on Netflix. Their version is available with English subtitles and the show is pretty entertaining. It’s filmed at a lot of interesting locations and, as a bonus, each episode gives a glimpse into Spanish history and culture.

Apparently the Spanish used by the characters on the show is related to the era they are from, so some of it is antiquated, a subtlety that was totally lost on a beginner like me. But I found it helpful.

spain -> RE: learning spanish on youtube (Nov. 24 2019 16:54:03)

i have a question, is the crazy talkative actor in the dues dones divines show talking castellan?

RobF -> RE: learning spanish on youtube (Dec. 4 2019 14:40:06)

Here’s a recent feature on Tomatito you can watch. My comprehension is maybe about 20% at this point, but I find watching shows like this helps.

spain -> RE: learning spanish on youtube (Dec. 7 2019 14:57:20)

thanks im going to learn catalan instead [:)]

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