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flyeogh -> Simple duet tabs??? (Jul. 10 2019 17:50:36)

My niece (16 from Madrid) has been playing guitar for a few years, but with studies recently has done very little. She does what I call one note at a time melodies. Titanic very often. And she has performed in front of her classmates accompanying her music professor - but very basic stuff.

However, she will be with us in Cadiz for 5 weeks to relieve college holiday boredom.

I was thinking maybe if I could find a suitable tab for a guitar duet we might be able to get something worthwhile, preferably with a flamenco flavour.

Can anyone suggest where I might find such a tab? Maybe a Sevillanas, Verdiales or MalagueƱa.

Cheers for any help because search as I might I cannot find anything simple enough, and my composing skills are second to none [8|]

edguerin -> RE: Simple duet tabs??? (Jul. 11 2019 17:21:28)

Hi Nigel,
for what it's worth:

About a century or so ago, I used to play flamenco with a friend, and we just played the same tabs in sync. As we got better, we'd alternate at playing a falseta, with the other just strumming, then we'd play a passage unison together etc. Rather primitve, but it sounded o.k.

Have fun

terry70 -> RE: Simple duet tabs??? (Jul. 12 2019 18:32:54)

An idea could be that you learn the harmony/chords for the tunes she already knows, like Titanic, then you certainly could play as a duet with her.

flyeogh -> RE: Simple duet tabs??? (Jul. 18 2019 8:04:32)

Thanks guys.

Terry70 I could certainly do something with Titanic. I hadn't thought of that - me being flamenco-centric. But certainly it might be easier if I have to do the learning.

Edguerin I can see MalagueƱas could work. Even I could work two parallel routes through a simple Malaguena [8|]

I've got a week before she arrives so I'll try and prepare both.

I'd like her to get into Flamenco but there is so much pressure from school these days she has very little spare time. Luckily she is one of those kids who loves learning (well everything except Maths). But I still need to make it as simple as possible and fun.

I'll let you know how we get on [:D]

edguerin -> RE: Simple duet tabs??? (Jul. 20 2019 9:19:30)


well everything except Maths

O.K., so no complex compas counting ...[:D]

Have fun


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