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Haltaqi -> Vassilis Lazarides (Reyes) w/Videos (Jul. 7 2019 12:10:46)

Hello everyone,
I recently received my Blanca Reyes model from Vassilis Lazarides himself.
Top: German Spruce | Back & Sides: Greek Cypress | Finish: French Polish

Woodwork & Finish:
The guitar is very neatly built and super clean.
I haven't weighed it but, it's light when I compare to my other guitars.
Very comfortable to handle and the edges are nicely done.
The headstock work is amazing, its shape is unique and bold.
Tuning machines are used; they are very accurate and smooth.

The guitar is extremely comfortable and I got used to it within no time even though this has a larger nut width and scale length.
The action is set low with more space available to lower it even more.
Medium tension strings are used and I hear no buzzing.
I'm not expert at luthiers work but, this is something I noticed, I play pulgar, rasgueado, and golpe more comfortably on this guitar.
The guitar is so responsive; hammering on/off sounds powerful.
All of the notes ring clearly even on the 19th fret.

Its sound is warm yet loud, and sustain goes on forever, I love it.
It's specially crispy around the 3rd and 4th strings which I like.
For how it sounds, I recorded some videos however I'm no expert at recording music videos.
Maybe the angle I'm recording at but, it sounds brighter and sharper in reality.

Finally, I'd like to say many thanks Vassilis Lazarides for his amazing work and him being a great honest person.
I gained a friend with the guitar! [8D]

Thank you all.

rombsix -> RE: Vassilis Lazarides (Reyes) w/Videos (Jul. 7 2019 18:18:44)

That's awesome, khayyi. Now play us some REAL flamenco. Enough with that Fakemenco. [:D] Halaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mabrook [;)]

JasonM -> RE: Vassilis Lazarides (Reyes) w/Videos (Jul. 9 2019 19:13:32)

Guitar sounds really nice. Congratulations.

AndresK -> RE: Vassilis Lazarides (Reyes) w/Videos (Jul. 26 2019 13:13:58)

Congratulations friend! Lazarides guitars are exceptional indeed! Your videos sound very good! Here is a winter video of mine.

Haltaqi -> RE: Vassilis Lazarides (Reyes) w/Videos (Nov. 9 2019 15:16:24)

Thank you very much Andres! And sorry for the late reply.
Actually, I’ve come at your channel on Youtube and your videos and comments were very helpful deciding on the Lazarides.
I’m very much in love with the guitar in all aspects. The wood used is another amazing story. I like it more the more I play it.

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