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jg7238 -> John Vergara Luthier in Beacon NY (Jun. 27 2019 4:46:42)

One of my students went to visit "Lord of the Strings" shop run and owned by master luthier John Vergara in Beacon, NY. My student purchased one of his flamenca blancas and I had the opportunity to try it out and honestly i was blown away by the quality of the instrument. The projection of sound was fantastic and playability was amazing.(low action and very comfortable to play on. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a high quality handcrafted instrument to visit his website "". John was actually a student of mine many years ago. He was inspired to build instruments after he noticed one of my guitars that i bought in Spain in 2000. He is a very talented and versatile luthier that deserves more recognition in my opinion.

rombsix -> RE: John Vergara Luthier in Beacon NY (Jun. 27 2019 8:39:43)

I second that. He repaired a heel joint that came loose on my Jorge de Zofia. He also setup my Angel Lopez and totally transformed it from a guitar that was hard to play and difficult to tune to an instrument that plays like butter and has amazing intonation. Olé John! PS: He also lived in Lebanon for some time which is where I met him, then I went and visited him in Beacon and we had Puerto Rican food together LOL - vamos! [:D]

And here I am playing one of his guitars:

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