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ToddK -> Pro Arte J46 missing the B string (Jun. 21 2019 19:55:30)

Anybody ever open a brand new pack of Daddario
to find one string missing?

Just opened some J46's and there's no F'ing B string!!!

Had a nite of practicing planned but i guess not now.


Guest -> [Deleted] (Jun. 21 2019 20:18:57)

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flyeogh -> RE: Pro Arte J46 missing the B string (Jun. 22 2019 5:59:36)

Todd mostly used Daddarios for 13 years. Never ever seen that.

My last batches of EJ25B and EJ45-3d come with the 6 strings sealed inside a single light grey plastic bag. The players circle code is printed on the bag. The bag is inside the cardboard sleeve. Hopefully yours look like that and it is just one of those freak QA errors.

However perhaps a silver lining. ToddK's falseta "Solea sin B string" [;)]

Hope you get restrung soon.

Richard Jernigan -> RE: Pro Arte J46 missing the B string (Jun. 23 2019 17:08:46)

Been using D’Addarios on my classicals for the last several years, mostly EJ45s. EJ46s on one guitar, on the maker’s strong recommendation. Never had a missing string. For the last 8 or 9 years I’ve bought them all from Strings by Mail.


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