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Hi everyone

I'm happy to announce the next highlight at our Peña "Los Caracoles" in Bern, Switzerland. We are extremly lucky to be able to enjoy Alicia Carrasco and José Manuel León in a very small and intimate location in the Old Town of Berne on the 25th of may. Make sure you make a reservation on our homepage if you plan to attend. See our web site:

Alicia is a fantastic Singer and from Algeciras and started the project Mujer Klorica together with José. She has worked with many famous artists. Among them are Carmen Linares, Jerry González, Tino di Geraldo, Tomasito, Martín Leiton, David León, Juan Cruz, Javier Galiana, Cepillo.

José is a guitar virtuoso and also from Algeciras. From his biography: "started playing the guitar at the age of thirteen by his father ́s hand, professional guitar player, been the flamenco ́s enviroment of the area the reason of his debut 3 years later, in 1995 with different flamenco groups all around Andalucia.

He worked with such a great artists like José el Francés, Niña Pastori, Alejandro Sánz (El tren de los momentos),Pastora Soler, Miguel Angel Rodríguez, Queco, etc.

In Teatro Real of Madrid performed with International flamenco artists like Gerardo Núñez and Cármen Linares in the opening of the work “Un ramito de locura”. Also with other flamenco artists like Rafael Estévez, Nani Paños, Joaquín Grilo, La Moneta.

He played on the famous filmaker Carlos Saura film “Iberia”, based on the figure of Albéniz, again beside Gerardo Núñez."

See you!

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