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flyeogh -> Synth/keyboard for flamenco (May 10 2019 8:12:56)

After the thread on pain and my tennis elbow, despite what I bravely said [;)], I’ve stopped playing for now 36 hours – and it is obvious it will take more time. During the boredom I remembered seeing Bob Dylan in Madrid a few years back. He played keyboard as I assume the guitar at his age was creating issues.

So, I thought I could buy a synth or some kind of electronic keyboard. It would need to be small. I’d need speakers, earphones and microphone (as at the moment I rely on a laptop to play/record and the quality is poor). And I’d need to stay below $1000 (considerably if the wife might see the price [:-]).

I’d just want to create compas backing tracks and maybe a few falsetas/melodies when I was resting the arm.

Has anyone done this? Do they lend themselves to flamenco? Is it worthwhile or does it just chew up guitar time? Can anyone suggest something suitable?

Thanks for any thoughts.

szvarga -> RE: Synth/keyboard for flamenco (May 10 2019 10:56:01)

I think, it's rewarding to look at the music you create by your guitar, from a different view of a different instrument. So easy to lock ourselves to the patterns and finger moves on the fretboard, and lost the energy of inspiration. A different instrument can be refreshing:)
I would choose some simple keyboard only, which can be attaching to a computer, and use some software to make music, instead of a standalone electric piano or something.


c -> RE: Synth/keyboard for flamenco (May 10 2019 14:26:09)

Careful, too much keyboard playing can worsen your problem...same tendons in use.

flyeogh -> RE: Synth/keyboard for flamenco (May 10 2019 19:32:15)

Tx guys.

szvarga I've found a software Synthesizer from that so far it is great fun. Seems to be totally free.

And taken on your warning c and so far it doesn't have a keyboard. But I'm being very careful. I'm not treating the symptoms and it has been more painful today. But only 48 hours of rest.

Back now to creating my Fandango de Huelva backing compas track [:D]

flyeogh -> RE: Synth/keyboard for flamenco (May 11 2019 7:41:10)

OK found the keyboards but the're mouse click so not a problem with my arm for what I want to do.

Solea on harpsichord sounds great. Maybe as you said szvarga a break from the guitar may not be such a bad thing [:)]

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