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AndresK -> Vassilis Lazarides (blanca) guitar review (Apr. 17 2019 7:31:04)

Hello to all foro members and everyone who might be interested.

The reason I am writing this post is to share my review of the Vassilis Lazarides flamenco guitar (blanca). I do not usually say many things about the things I do or use but this guitar experience has to be shared.

All that you pay is actually on the instrument and you get far beyond that when you actually play it. The french polish is perfect and aesthetics are a joy to look at.
But the main reason for this review is the experience of holding and playing the instrument itself.

It has a powerful sound that can actually get quite big depending on your playing, without distorting the quality of the sound. The trebles are crystal clear and strong sounding even up to the 19th fret. The basses are deep and even and you can actually get a perfectly sounding low C note when tuning, for example, the guitar in CGCGBE for Calima of Gerardo Núñez, with the guitar giving you the impression that is tuned in standard tuning (absolutely balanced sound)!

The ‘fragrance’ coming from the guitar is amazing. When I asked Vassilis Lazarides about it he said it was just the cypress and the French polish, but well I have to say that it is the best I have ever encountered on a guitar.

The playability is, as you could expect, just amazing and takes no time to get your hands used to it. This is also a comment that all my students make when firstly try it. It makes playing effortless and helped me clear things out in phrases I was struggling to get for years.

It can sound as flamenco as you can get but you can also make it sound quite sweet if played accordingly. I even play my classical pieces with it and you can get the sweetest tone for pieces like the Vals no.3 by Augustin Barrios Mangore, if you play above the sound hole.

Another thing is that it is hard to stop playing as it is so satisfying listening to your playing through this guitar. So it will surely keep you practicing more and more and looking forward to playing again and again.

All these of course are qualities that might be on most well-made luthier guitars but it is not something I am used to seeing in all guitars made by luthiers.

The price is also exceptional for this kind of instrument and Vassilis Lazarides himself is a great guy as you must have already heard before, loving his art and making always the greatest effort to deliver the best through every instrument he makes.

Cheers to all, Andreas.

AndresK -> RE: Vasilis Lazarides (blanca) guitar review (Apr. 19 2019 22:30:12)

Here is a bit of a video demo I made. Sorry in advance for the cold hands (low temp and outdoor recording) having some not so clear playing as a result.

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