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spain -> african/arabian music suggestions (Apr. 15 2019 1:38:51)

do u know any? i found thomas mapfumo.

BarkellWH -> RE: african/arabian music suggestions (Apr. 15 2019 13:14:11)

African/Arab music encompasses a wide range, and basically they are two different genres. What do you mean, and what are you looking for? From Africa there is the vibrant music from Mali. There is the music from Dahomey that was carried to Brazil by slaves and can still be heard in the state of Bahia (and has migrated down to Rio and elsewhere). From the Arab World there is the conventional oud with its haunting melodies. There is the singing best represented by the late Umm Kalthum in Egypt. We could go on and on, of course, as there is much more. But you get the picture.


spain -> RE: african/arabian music suggestions (Apr. 15 2019 14:47:11)

thanks, maybe some newer good belly dance would fit to me the most, but cant find any good one. of african music if u know zouk, which is also some other tropical place, not just africa.

runner -> RE: african/arabian music suggestions (May 14 2019 12:17:13)

Gharmi Mint Abba sings music of Mauritania:

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