Juan Montero Aguilera SOLD (Full Version)

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tele -> Juan Montero Aguilera SOLD (Apr. 14 2019 13:52:37)

Sold - thanks to the foro!

tele -> RE: Juan Montero Aguilera 1982 Blanca (going cheap) (Apr. 19 2019 12:44:47)

I will consider offers over 1250 euros, I don't want to take this guitar and my electric together back to Finland.

tele -> RE: Juan Montero Aguilera 1982 Blanca (going cheap) (May 7 2019 18:48:35)

I am leaving back to Finland soon and will sell it to the first guy offering over 1100 euros plus shipping or pick up in Cadiz! Vintage Monteros go all for over 3000 euros online, without the cracks. This is a true bargain
More pics: https://postimg.cc/gallery/lz66yvxg/

hvymetal1234 -> RE: Juan Montero Aguilera 1982 Blanca (going cheap) (May 8 2019 17:45:35)

I think I'm having trouble emailing you. Can you email me at ross.fellrath@gmail.com

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