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Erik van Goch -> RE: guitar without strings for months (Jun. 30 2019 18:28:54)

I stored my Conde once for many years without strings. It sounded better then ever when I stringed it again. As far as the dull trebles are concerned, in my experience new trebles generally needs a few days to settle and gain sound. With bass strings it's the other way around, stey sound well for just a few hours/days and then loose sound. When giving a concert I used to renew the trebles a few days before and the bass strings the night before so both would be at their best during the concert. Still the treble side of my favorite Ibanez is totally dead right now but that probably has to do with some severe damage on that part of the soundboard. Hadn't played it for a long time (it remained stringed) and really should play it more often. It's strings run closer to each other then the avarage guitar which seems to fit my hands very well (5.7 cm).

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