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Doffkowitz -> Introduction (Apr. 7 2019 16:35:55)

Hi everyone,

As a new member to this forum I would like to introduce myself. I'm a MD who likes playing guitar for quite some time now. Until now I always played steel string guitars but since I met Albert Niland, who plays a lovely Contreras flamenco guitar, I'm in love with nylon string guitars, especially flamenco guitars.I'm very interested in all opinions on flamenco guitars so that's why I became a member of this group. I owned some quite heap ones (an old Prudencio Saez, a Manuel Rodriquez and now a Juan Hernandez) but now I'm in for a more professional flamenco guitar (not that I can play flamenco music but i just love the sound of it). There are so many luthiers that it is easy to get lost in the woods. I am thinking about buying a Vicente Carillo negra or a Camps negra. Nevertheless, I'm open for any great suggestions. I'm looking for a guitar in the price range 2000-4000 euro. Ok, enough said for the moment. Hope to have and find interesting discussions about flamenco guitars in this forum.


kitarist -> RE: Introduction (Apr. 7 2019 18:10:21)

Wait, you are the same guy from the 'newbie' thread, right? So many MDs [:D]

Welcome again! [:D]

rombsix -> RE: Introduction (Apr. 7 2019 23:28:53)

Simon, please ban this individual for spamming. [8D][:D]

Doffkowitz -> RE: Introduction (Apr. 8 2019 5:56:55)

Yeah, sorry guys but I thought this would be a better place to introduce myself. It won't happen again[;)]

Doffkowitz -> RE: Introduction (Apr. 8 2019 5:59:00)

Sorry for all this spamming Konstantin [;)]. Thanks again for welcoming me[:D]

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