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Doffkowitz -> newbie (Apr. 7 2019 9:59:56)

Hi there,

As a new member to this forum I would like to introduce myself. I'm a MD who likes playing guitar for quite some time now. Until now I always played steel string guitars but since I met Albert Niland, who plays a lovely Contreras flamenco guitar, I'm in love with nylon string guitars, especially flamenco guitars.I'm very interested in all opinions on flamenco guitars so that's why I became a member of this group. I owned some cheap ones (an old Prudencio Saez, a Manuel Rodriquez and now a Juan Hernandez) but now I'm in for a more professional flamenco guitar (not that I can play flamenco music but i just love the sound of it). There are so many luthiers that it is easy to get lost in the wood. I am thinking about buying a Vicente Carillo negra or a Camps negra. Nevertheless, I'm open for any great suggestions. I'm looking for a guitar in the price range 2000-4000 euro. Ok, enough said for the moment. Hope to have and find interesting discussions about flamenco guitars. Cheers,

gbv1158 -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 12:32:14)

Wellcome to this foro,
...with 4000 euro or perhaps a little more, I suggest to check the expert luthiers in this forum ..I suggest don't waste you time and money, instead buy a real Luthier flamenco guitar.

I have two (blanca and negra) made by Anders Eliasson and they are excellent!

good luck!, ciao,

flyeogh -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 13:14:10)

And a welcome from me.

I see you're in Europe so I guess any of those luthiers located in Europe are worth a shout.

I too chose Anders to make my special guitar and am as pleased as gbv. Discussing it as an idea so it reflected my needs, seeing fotos as it went from stage to stage, selecting optional purfling, tuners, colour. And finally being passed it by the very hands that lovingly made it. Very special.

However I note your budget seems about 1000 short for a handmade of that type. For sure your budget would buy a great second-hand or top factory produced one.

Please hunt the foro for the builders here. (see Luthier section). They can be a little shy [:(] not wanting to use the foro to sell directly, so give a few a PM.
Anyway hope your search is fun. And do let us know where you end up.

Doffkowitz -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 13:28:42)

Thanks Giambattista for your reply and advice. As I already have a couple of 3K+ guitars (BR and Cocobolo, steel string guitars) and am not a flamenco guitarist I restricted myself on my budget although I heavily suffer from GAS. So, that's why I allow myself a budget up to 4000 k. I saw a documentary on YouTube about Anders Eliasson and was very impressed about his work and I'm sure these are excellent guitars.

Ciao. By the way, tomorrow I'm flying to your lovely country (Firenze/ Florence).

Doffkowitz -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 13:33:50)

Hi Nigel,
Thanks for your good advice. I will have a look at the luthier section to see what's going on there. Yeah, I know, the budget is always the inhibiting factor but as I have 7 guitars already,I have to restrict myself [;)] I'm sure there are a lot of fantastic guitars for more than 4000 euro's but I have the task to find one under this amount and I'm quite sure I will succeed. Furthermore, I have the time because I own a Juan Hernandez and that's a lovely guitar for the bucks.


flyeogh -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 13:42:29)


I have 7 guitars already, I have to restrict myself

I'm not sure you're the man to restrict yourself. SEVEN????? [:D][:D][:D]

Piwin -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 13:52:23)



I saw a documentary on YouTube about Anders

This one I imagine?
If so it was made by the man running this very forum [:)]

gbv1158 -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 13:58:51)


By the way, tomorrow I'm flying to your lovely country (Firenze/ Florence).

hope you find good weather and have the opportunity to taste a delicious "bistecca alla fiorentina"... Firenze is a beauty ! have a nice trip and a nice stay in Italy

rombsix -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 14:32:49)

So you're an MD and you suffer heavily from GAS. Try some simethicone, then proceed with purchasing a legit luthier-made second-hand guitar. This method will further mitigate your GAS symptoms. The above has been studied in a double-blind randomized controlled trial. You can look for Ramzi et al. on!

Filip -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 14:58:43)

Hi Doffkowitz, and welcome.

Several years ago when I was seriously thinking about buying new guitar, the advice I got was to go out and try as many as I can until I find what I want.I think it makes a lot of sense. Spending that kind of money is worth a bit of effort and time until you get something that you'll really like.

I have Jose Ramirez FL1 blanca, got it in Madrid right when I moved there nine years ago. That was the first guitar I tried and it was a good deal so I got it even though I spent literary all my savings (I was left with 20 euros). Never regret it, and it is actually nice guitar and I like how it feels (before that I had classical Yamaha C180, so it was a huge upgrade).
Now I want a negra, did not look much but after trying out a few guitars in Madrid several years ago I did not find anything good for me (I tried one Conde with an amazing sound, just what I wanted, but I could not feel it well playing). Finally I decided to build my own, we'll see how it goes this summer.


Doffkowitz -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 15:31:19)

Hahaha, flyeogh, that's exactly why I added "suffering from GAS". And you know what they say: "the number of guitars you need is n+1" in which n is the number of guitars you already have...... so there's always room for another one [:D]

Doffkowitz -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 15:40:09)

Rombsix, I'm not quite sure if I want to heal from this 'illness'........ but I will have a look on PubMed [8|]

Doffkowitz -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 15:46:05)

Hi Filip, Thanks for your kind words!
I would like that, playing a lot of guitars and I think I will have to make a trip to Spain/Granada. You're right, this amount of money makes it worthwhile to do a proper investigation and play as many guitars as possible. In fact, I want a negra to because it fits more with my playing style I think. A good thing to build one yourself. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do that kind of thing but I can imagine that it will be a very satisfying process. A lot of success with that and hopefully it will the kind of sound you're looking for!


Doffkowitz -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 15:48:59)

Giambattista, thanks I will do my best. Unfortunately, the weather isn't too good at the moment, but I will make the best of it[:)]

gerundino63 -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 16:49:55)

Hi Doffkowitz,

Welcome here to the foro!
If you ever want to try an Anders Eliasson Negra, or a Gerundino blanca, let me know. I live in Hoorn, the Netherlands.


Escribano -> RE: newbie (Apr. 7 2019 19:26:39)


By the way, tomorrow I'm flying to your lovely country

Me too, to Pisa and Florence. You may also have watched my documentary about Anders.

Doffkowitz -> RE: newbie (Apr. 8 2019 6:40:19)

Thanks a lot for your offer Peter, very kind of you. I see you still own the Gerundino. I saw a vid of it somewhere else on the foro. By change I saw that the Fellowship of Acoustics also sell a Gerundino blanca 1984 for 9900.=

cheers from Groningen[;)]

Doffkowitz -> RE: newbie (Apr. 8 2019 6:42:29)

Hello Escribano, perhaps our paths will cross in Florence. I did indeed watch the documentary about Anders. Very lovely documentary!!


Flamencito -> RE: newbie (Apr. 8 2019 9:23:59)

My recommendation is to try the guitars from Rafael Romero, in San Fernando, Cádiz.

With your price range i think you can buy an amazing flamenco guitar from him.

I bought the E1 blanca model last summer, and i am very happy with my choice.

Here is his website, where you can find contact information, etc.:

Doffkowitz -> RE: newbie (Apr. 9 2019 19:38:46)

Hi Flamencita, thanks for your advice and recommendation. I will check him out and include him in my list of potential candidates which by the way is growing and growing....



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