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szvarga -> Hello from Budapest, Hungary (Apr. 4 2019 14:51:41)

Hello from Budapest, Hungary. I'm a guitar player, although more than thirty years since I picked up the instrument, I'm still an amateur.

On the day thirty years ago, playing guitar is immediately mesmerized me, the way my ten fingers moving on the six strings of the guitar, making music. I just can't stop playing. Ten, twelve hours passed by, and I didn't realize it, until my fingers bled by the popped blisters. And the next day, I continued as before, unless try not using the wounded fingers...:)

That is, what impresses me since then: the way my ten fingers moving on the six strings of the guitar, making music. From the very first time, a sense raised in my mind, about the kind of that fingermoves, and about the kind of music what it creates. Not the syle or genre of music, nor an exact song, just a sense: how my fingers touches the strings, and about the texture of sounding melodies and harmonies.

For thirty years now, I'm looking for this sense. I learned classical guitar techniques, fingerstyle techniques, learned blues, jazz, but something always missed. Until I found flamenco guitar playing. As soon as I found it, I knew immediately, that's it! This is the way, I wanted to touch the guitar, and this is the musical texture, that I wanted to hear. Not the flamenco music exactly, as a folk music genre (I can't deal with flamenco singing, and I fear I never will...) it is the texture of melodies and harmonies how the techniques of right hand realize it on the six string.

This encounter with flamenco was three years ago. Then I started all from the beginning. Stopped the techniques I used to, never play any songs again that I learned in thirty years. Learned the playing at the beginning again, like a five years old child. Pure picado finger licks at 30 bpm.
Taking the route where on the end, as I hope, my fingers will touching the six string of the guitar and the texture of the melodies and harmonies will sounds like I dreamed thirty years before...

rombsix -> RE: Hello from Budapest, Hungary (Apr. 5 2019 3:00:32)

Too late, buddy. [8D]

I kid - vamos a tocar! [:D]


Escribano -> RE: Hello from Budapest, Hungary (Apr. 5 2019 17:49:19)

You are most welcome!

szvarga -> RE: Hello from Budapest, Hungary (Apr. 12 2019 8:19:36)

This aussie guy told something remarkable about time and age...


Doffkowitz -> RE: Hello from Budapest, Hungary (Apr. 12 2019 15:52:25)

Very welcome and a great story. A very determined mind which I love! Keep up the good work.

Greetz from the Netherlands!

flyeogh -> RE: Hello from Budapest, Hungary (Apr. 13 2019 13:20:42)

First a big welcome.

But can I offer the next step for you?

Marry a chica from Sevilla and live near Jerez.

Does wonders for your flamenco. I know [;)]

Seriously do post here and share the magic you feel[:)]

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