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mbspark -> New to the forum (Mar. 9 2019 18:49:10)

Hi my name is Mark Bland. I jumped onto this forum to be able to collaborate more with some interested in flamenco guitar.

I first was exposed to flamenco while living in Triana, Sevilla with a family in 1985. I had already been a guitar play since about 10 years old, but was hooked from that time forward. Bought myself an Alhambra guitar for $230 and been playing since. Yes that was 34 years ago when La Carboneria was not a huge tourist spot.

I am not a professional musician but just love to play flamenco guitar. I lived in Barcelona 3.5 years as well way back in 89-92".

Anyway don't want to write a book. I play a Salvador Castillo Palo Escrito and it is a very nice guitar with excellent projection. Very nice highs and rich deep lows. I just had it made in October so it is still opening up...

Gotta run - I play for the local dance classes on the weekend.

rombsix -> RE: New to the forum (Mar. 10 2019 16:34:09)

Where do you live, hombre?

Welcome to the foro. [;)]

mbspark -> RE: New to the forum (Mar. 10 2019 20:46:56)

I live the middle of the US - Kansas City, Missouri. Lots of good Jazz here.

rombsix -> RE: New to the forum (Mar. 10 2019 21:55:52)

Come to Nashville, TN. We'll jam. [:)]

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