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Bulerias2005 -> New Album - Masquerade (Feb. 26 2019 4:38:21)

Hi all! I am excited to announce that I have just released a new album called Masquerade. This is my first truly solo album and features many of my own compositions as well as arrangements of jazz standards, music from Cirque du Soleil, and even a track from a videogame! This is a very personal album and I hope you consider purchasing it. It is available at the link below:

Please note, this is the digital version AND physical version -- after you purchase it, I will promptly email you a download link and send you the physical version when I have copies in a month or so. If you encounter any issues with purchasing the album, please let me know. For more about Masquerade, you can read a detailed description of the album and inspirations behind it on my blog:

All the best,

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rombsix -> RE: New Album - Masquerade (Feb. 26 2019 4:53:34)

I listened to it already. It's really, really good. Please check it out. Olé!

marta5 -> RE: New Album - Masquerade (Feb. 26 2019 6:29:24)

It looks nice, i'm gonna purchase it! thanks for sharing!!

Bulerias2005 -> RE: New Album - Masquerade (Mar. 4 2019 14:22:04)

Thank you both! :D

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