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Miguel de Maria -> AER Compact Mobile (Feb. 7 2019 15:05:49)

Having switched to a powered speaker, I'm moving on from my Compact Mobile. I gigged it for quite a few years, but it's still in perfect working condition, with cosmetic wear. It is due for a battery replacement (I believe the batteries are $50 for both.). This is the same amp as the Compact 60, very loud and clean, but with battery power that will pump it out for 4-5 hours, depending on how loud you play.

A new Compact Mobile is $1800, a new Compact 60 is $1100.

I'm offering this at $900 plus shipping. Note: I'm in Arizona, USA. It possibly won't be feasible to ship overseas.

Miguel de Maria -> RE: AER Compact Mobile (Jun. 26 2019 16:56:52)


Miguel de Maria -> RE: AER Compact Mobile (Dec. 5 2020 17:21:14)

price drop:

$750 plus shipping

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