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leigh -> Intro (Jan. 31 2019 9:24:33)

Hi all. I just started playing again after like 4 years off, it looks like I have caught the Flamenco bug again. I still have a good guitar a hermanos sanchis lopez 2f-05 but I can't help looking at other guitars I just got a offer to buy a Gracialiano Perez Blanca for a really good price but I know if I buy it it won't make me a better player it will just empty my bank account and I should really spend that money on lesson's that will make me a better player. decisions decisions
I want to to say thanks to the foro I really like reading all the info here.

Arash -> RE: Intro (Jan. 31 2019 9:35:54)

your sanchis is better, keep it

Carlos_ffm -> RE: Intro (Feb. 1 2019 6:25:28)

Hi leigh!

I advise for emptying the bank account, whatever you do with the money it has (new guitar of flamenco lessons) :-)

Life is too short.

Good luck with catching up with the guitar,


Piwin -> RE: Intro (Feb. 1 2019 6:50:18)

Welcome back!

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