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JakeFreedman -> Hey All! (Dec. 22 2018 3:31:13)

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jake and I live in Montana. Unfortunately there is zero flamenco presence where I live and in the surrounding areas, so the internet is really the best I can do. I've been playing guitar for about 6 years, but my flamenco journey is only a few years old. I'm 25 and putting a lot of my energy into guitar and music, I just can't help it. So glad to have found this amazing resource and I look forward to having conversations with you all!

rombsix -> RE: Hey All! (Dec. 22 2018 13:44:33)

I know a guy who lived in Billings. [8D]

Olé to you!

JakeFreedman -> RE: Hey All! (Dec. 22 2018 23:40:26)

Ah, tell him I'm sorry he went through that. Lol

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