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David s -> Hello. (Dec. 18 2018 22:52:11)

Hello, I am a new member here. But I have been reading a lot of the post on the Lutherie section for the past few years, and I have learned a lot from the amazing Luthiers on here. You guys are great! I wanted to show some of my guitars. and just be part of the conversations. I've made a few classical guitars mostly for Mariachi musicians. I couldn't afford top quality woods so I got whatever I could afford from Lmi, and woods here in my local Ventura/California area. I'm interested about learning more about building flamenco guitars.

David s -> [Deleted] (Dec. 18 2018 22:56:32)

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David s -> [Deleted] (Dec. 18 2018 23:03:10)

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David s -> RE: Hello. (Dec. 18 2018 23:13:47)

I spent alot of time making mexican folk instruments but i would really like to meet some flamenco luthiers to ask questions make friends with. hopefully there are others in my local area? ventura/ los angeles

Escribano -> RE: Hello. (Dec. 19 2018 7:35:53)

Your work looks very nice. I love Mariachi (my wife is Mexican). Welcome to the forum.

David s -> RE: Hello. (Dec. 20 2018 14:29:08)


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