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henrym3483 -> rent a guitar in Jerez (Dec. 5 2018 14:34:06)

anyone had any experience renting a guitar in jerez for workshops. it will only be for 5-6 days tops.

i'm reluctant to bring my guitar in the hold with ryanair anymore.


hvymetal1234 -> RE: rent a guitar in Jerez (Dec. 6 2018 1:25:22)

I have a $100 Yamaha for such purposes. Then if I find something good I give the guitar to a kid and bring the good one home!!!

henrym3483 -> RE: rent a guitar in Jerez (Dec. 6 2018 7:19:23)

trying to avoid hassle of bringing a guitar also with me [:D][:D][:D]

tele -> RE: rent a guitar in Jerez (Dec. 8 2018 12:20:06)

I believe with ryanair they make you buy a seat for a guitar. Anyway, it's really crappy company and I would look for alternatives. With their extra fees, it's just about the same price for a flight as with normal company.

You might have some luck calling the music shops and asking them.

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