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crooksj5 -> Looking For Ramirez Blanca (Sep. 22 2018 3:52:29)

Hi Everyone,

I am in the market for a vintage Ramirez Blanca from the 1960s-1970s in very good-excellent condition. Feel free to message me here or contact me at Crooksguitar @ g mail dot com.

Thank you!

crooksj5 -> RE: Looking For Ramirez Blanca (Oct. 14 2018 17:10:53)

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages thus far, still looking and weighing options.

I am opening up my search to include Ramirez 1a flamenco guitars from recent years as well.

CesarLebel -> RE: Looking For Ramirez Blanca (Nov. 4 2018 17:02:26)

I have 4- vintage Ramirez guitars.
What is your price range?

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