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krichards -> Stringbusters (Aug. 17 2018 12:41:49)

Some of you may know Stringbusters here in the UK

Normally very fast and efficient.
They see to be incommunicado at present. I placed an order 9 days ago, but have not received the goods, and they're not answering email or telephone.

Anyone here know anything?

Johnc -> RE: Stringbusters (Aug. 17 2018 13:17:51)

it says on their homepage...

Important Notice!
Please note that we have ongoing technical issues with our main inbound telephone line,
so we advise contacting us via our second landline for the moment on 01271 344581.

krichards -> RE: Stringbusters (Aug. 17 2018 14:10:03)

Yes I saw that John.
I've been trying to contact them by various means. But no joy.

Johnc -> RE: Stringbusters (Aug. 17 2018 14:29:52)

maybe they have even more technical issues! bloody computers!

good luck :)

RobJe -> RE: Stringbusters (Aug. 17 2018 15:49:13)

Sadly your experience is not unique - I found plenty of similar reports on other websites. You can get a hint of the problem by looking at one of the many sites that provide free information about limited companies. I note that the presentation of accounts is overdue. It looks as if the company has had a new director from 2014 with all previous directors standing down.

I hope that you paid by credit card which will give a good possibility of reimbursement.


mark indigo -> RE: Stringbusters (Aug. 17 2018 16:51:43)


Anyone here know anything?

Dunno what's up with them but they have gone from efficient and reliable to useless and dodgy. I ordered some strings in January that didn't arrive. Tried to repeatedly to get in touch with them by phone and email but got no reponse.

Eventually got through on the phone and was told it must be lost in the post and they would send a replacement.

I felt there was something not quite right about that phone conversation, so I checked my account on their website and it said the order was "pending" so obviously hadn't been sent. I phoned the card company and got a refund.

I also searched around online and found other people had posted similar problems.

Bizarrely the strings turned up a week or so later, but I won't use them anymore, it's just not worth the hassle.

krichards -> RE: Stringbusters (Aug. 18 2018 8:00:09)

Thanks for the replies. It seems as if they have some major problems.
I paid by Paypal and they are making a claim for a refund.

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