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fusion -> My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 14 2018 2:06:22)

Hey guitarristas,

Just got back from Spain...incredible!

Here's a video I shot of my visit to Toledo and to Paco De Lucia's home.

And here, visiting a few of the great "guitarreros" de Madrid.

Hope you enjoy it!



Morante -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 14 2018 16:53:43)

Muy bonito Serge, gracias.


fusion -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 16 2018 3:21:45)

Thank you for your comment, it really was a wonderful experience to say the least and yes, some of these guitars can be very expensive.

And the beauty and chance of having the opportunity to play a handmade guitar built by just one man alone; a sole master luthier that has a name amongst professionals, that has made many instruments and takes his time with each part, sweating and making sure that each step is done with the most care, is simply incredible because the results are astonishing...if you ever get to look, inspect and play a concert guitar of this level, it will totally change your perspective of what a real guitar can be.

And of course these luthiers are hurting and suffering, most of them...not just in Spain but everywhere...there is just not enough demand for these wonderful handmade instruments, not enough players that can afford them and the competition with factory instruments made in the orient and other parts of the world is a big deal...but of course this is not big news, it has been happening for a long time now.

But still, if you ever have a chance to be able to own a real handmade guitar by a master luthier...specially a custom ordered is a wonderful experience that you will never forget and will enjoy every day.

rombsix -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 16 2018 4:27:52)

Hey man - great to see you here. I've always listened to "Lara & Reyes" and consider you one of my heroes growing up. It's a pleasure to have you on the foro. Cheers! [:)]

mrstwinkle -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 16 2018 12:05:17)

Interesting vids - thanks for posting. Any with recordings of the guitars you tried being played?

fusion -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 16 2018 19:35:34)

Thanks for your kind words Ramzi and best of luck with your music.

Unfortunately I did not shoot any videos with any of the great guitars I was able to play, but I will always have the memories and I am considering placing orders with at least a couple of luthiers.

sartorius -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 19 2018 7:35:36)

A guitar by José Romero is a work of art and often a masterpiece when it comes to the material used, the time and care spent on each sonanta and the finished result. I'm enjoying my 2017 Negra on an everyday basis. What an instrument! Much better than today's Ramirez...

Ricardo -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 19 2018 16:16:35)

How was Paco’s Carrillo there? Any different than a stock one? And how did they acquire it? Purchased from the widow?

fusion -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 19 2018 17:16:17)

Paco's Cariilo is a wonderful guitar, very balanced and loud. This was one of the prototypes that he picked for what eventually became the PDL model with Paco's and Ramon's signatures.

Also, for obvious reasons having been owned, played and used by Paco, the guitar has a special magic when you hold it and play it.

As far as how it got there, this guitar was in one of Paco's apartments in Madrid. He had various properties that he left to his children and in fact this house in Toledo belongs to his daughter Lucia Sanchez and she leases it with the hotel management and the guitar is on loan as well as many other of Paco's items and memorabilia for an upcoming exhibit that they will have as a permanent fixture in the hotel.

And the fact that the "Cositas Buenas" project was recorded there and that was the guitar he used, is the main reason why they feel it should be there for visitors to see.

I was very lucky that the hotel director/manager took it out for me to play when he learned that I play guitar and that I had met and seen Paco many times and how much I love his music.

sartorius -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 20 2018 6:11:47)

What label is in Paco's guitar (if any)?

fusion -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Jun. 20 2018 13:56:30)

The label is similar to these:

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fusion -> RE: My trip to Madrid and Toledo (Aug. 21 2018 1:41:02)

Many people are emailing me asking if this place is open to the general public to visit and of course the answer is yes; this is a working hotel in Toledo, Spain. A real magic town with lots of incredible things to see and visit.

Thank you for the great comments about the video. I just wish I've had more time to document my wonderful experience there, including a great lunch and spending time in the studio and all the special corners in the house where Paco loved to hang out and enjoyed playing his guitar and drinking his favorite Rioja red wine.

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