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Garyw1960 -> Vicente Sanchis model 41 (signed) (Feb. 7 2006 19:19:24)

In perfect condition.................they want £600. Opinion please. Is it worth it?



BradH -> RE: Vicente Sanchis model 41 (signed) (Feb. 8 2006 7:26:48)

Hi Gary,
My understanding of the guitars of Vicente Sanchis ( not Ricardo) is that they are not consistent in quality. For that reason they are not as highly regarded as Ricardo's. This is what I think. Suppose you had two guitars. One was made by Vicente Sanchis. The other was made by Ricardo Sanchis. Let's Suppose the guitars are of equal quality. The Ricardo S. will be easier to unload at market value b/c of the better reputation. People will be suspect of the Vicente guitar and it will be hard to sell. This is a long way around way of saying you should pay a steep discount for a Vicente guitar compared to one made by Ricardo. So is that a good price? I might pay that price if that guitar sounded as good as my Ricardo Sanchis 1Af Extra and I planned to keep it for a while so I could really get my money out of it. To be blunt, if this guitar sounds as good as a new $3000.00 guitar (do the conversion) and YOU personally love the sound of it, it could be worth it. Otherwise look elsewhere. This is not a guitar to look at as an investment. Maybe other folks will offer more insight.

frhout -> RE: Vicente Sanchis model 41 (signed) (Feb. 8 2006 12:34:59)

I'm very suspicious of Vicente's Sanchis guitars. I've tried some which are not playable. Apparently, recent guitars are from the heirs of Vicente Sanchis, these, I haven't tried. Ricardo Sanchis is definitely better.

Garyw1960 -> RE: Vicente Sanchis model 41 (signed) (Feb. 8 2006 20:13:08)

I searched on this guitar on the Forum and got a big nothing. Anders mentions working on a vincente Sanchis and being unimpressed. I appreciate the feedback gentlemen, i assume the lack of discussion in the past speaks volumes about the guitars. Resale value is something I did not consider
Kind regards

bernd -> RE: Vicente Sanchis model 41 (signed) (Feb. 8 2006 20:22:14)

I also played some of these, model 39 and 41. I had visited them at their workshop in Spain and chosed them out of 6 guitars of each model. The sound was very different in quality, for that price I would expect a lot more, didn´t knew better at that time. They even came w/o golpeador. With the action on the body you can fly with a jet underneath the strings. I sold them for low price to beginners who couldn´t afford a better guitar.

To tell if the price is worthy you should post the year of construction. All in all the Vicente guitars for my opinion are not worth their money. I defintively agree with Brad and frhout and recomand to go for a Sanchís López. Last year I got my 1F.PS Especial and can say compared to the Vicente guitars there are worlds between the guitars of Vicente´s and Ricardo´s Workshop (and of course his sons Sanchís López).

My 1F.PS Especial is for sale coming incl. a Noble case. You find this guitar in this forum. As soon as my hand is ok I´ll record an audio clip.


frhout -> RE: Vicente Sanchis model 41 (signed) (Feb. 9 2006 16:58:52)

My friend bought one for £265, that was over 10 years ago, but I can't remember the model number. It was difficult to stop the strings in starting from fret one, almost impossible to press at fret 12 and had a clean sound. I would say the re-sale value is nil. I would feel guilty if I sold it to anybody at any price who is interested in flamenco.

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