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duende121 -> Marcelino Esteso Granada (May 28 2018 20:51:19)

Hi everyone,

a guy I know just bought a guitarra flamenca de Marcelino esteso, calle Fuentes , Granada, de 1981;
i made some research but found nothing about this guitar.

Here a picture. Anyone avec heard something?

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johnguitar -> RE: Marcelino Esteso Granada (May 30 2018 7:19:49)

I hope this guitar sounds good. I can tell you that it was not made in Granada. Calle and clase are both mis-spelled. The label says fábrica which now and in those days means factory. The name of the "guitar-maker" is not capitalized which is another thing that you would never see. Neither Marcelino nor Esteso are particularily common names so to me it is obvious that someone invented the name to sound like a guitarrero. I hope this does not impede your enjoyment in playing.

johnguitar -> [Deleted] (May 30 2018 7:23:12)

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duende121 -> RE: Marcelino Esteso Granada (May 30 2018 17:24:34)

Hi John,

Thanks for your answer. Yes indeed, well... I have an Antonio Duran bought in 1993 and I will keep that one :)

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