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gondorbell -> Position (Mar. 29 2018 23:55:53)

Now i a 191 cm long ...of course i look gerardo and ricardo etc...its very difficult to find a right position...seems to be you all nicely get your hand there...but i have very long hands..wrist goes painful situation...also fingers not short...if i try to sit like paco or ricardo example feels guitar goes like drop too low...if i look my teacher(orhan who i follow and will order) he keeps iit high. now most best for me if i raise my right leg to lets say against bed while i a sitting in chair...yep :) do i keep then in future the bed with me all a round?

Thanks this great foro

gracias Pietro

Piwin -> RE: Position (Mar. 30 2018 14:30:47)

Footstool is always an option. Although I guess there are some advantages to hauling your bed around. The footstool isn't nearly as comfortable for short naps. You can always play around with the angle of the guitar and see if it changes anything. For instance, I have to have the guitar slightly bent forward (so soundhole slightly towards the ground) to be comfortable. Then of course it's not always about the position of the guitar but about your own position, how you hold yourself.

rombsix -> RE: Position (Apr. 3 2018 5:34:56)

Consider a guitar support...

gerundino63 -> RE: Position (Apr. 3 2018 10:30:11)

Long guys, have a lot of benefit with an armrest for the upper arm. Like this kind.


heyjamesguesswhat -> RE: Position (Apr. 3 2018 10:39:49)

I have similar issues with sitting. I am 6' 5" (about 195 cm) tall, with long arms and long torso. With my feet flat on the floor and no support the guitar feels like a belt buckle. I have found that using a shorter stool has been helpful. I also mess around with a pillow support sometimes, but generally just sitting on a lower stool and crossing my right leg works good enough. If I try to bring the guitar too far up then my right arm wraps around behind the bridge and the wrist angle in my right hand becomes too acute.

My biggest issue is being able to hold the neck at a comfortable angle. I wish I could get is a little higher, like Ramzi in his profile pic. I have to use the pillow for that, otherwise I get too much tension in the left hand.

I grew up playing steel string guitars and almost always use a strap for this reason.

Escribano -> RE: Position (Apr. 3 2018 11:50:43)

A low chair and shallow foot stool sorted me out. Traditional bulrush and olive wood chairs in Andalucía are pretty low.

Ruphus -> RE: Position (Apr. 3 2018 11:55:57)

Everything down to musicality will improve if you do not sit.

Ruphus -> RE: Position (Apr. 3 2018 12:00:48)

Regarding low sitting, best I ever encountered was one this kind (of leather though, which grants more of friction): https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.-Y37oIi59HCPEzXrtsW78gHaGy&w=178&h=163&c=7&o=5&dpr=1.363636&pid=1.7

Never tried it for guitar playing, but it was incredibly comfortable for relaxed TV watching.

Ricardo -> RE: Position (Apr. 4 2018 15:31:51)

Practice on a ukelele... you will soon be thankful for the guitars “large” dimensions and realize it’s about the fingers

gondorbell -> RE: Position (Apr. 13 2018 20:33:11)

Hello all!

Thanks very much for answers...very interesting..i have been driving a lorry and i do my job blaa blaa

Im very happy to find answers. I have been now following Orhan and i am developing...now few beers..relaxing...Ricardo Marlows stuff there backround or richie blackmore black masquerade...

Ukulele is nice suggestion hehe Ricardo---if i understand right,soprano and concert used didderent tuning but the if you go baritone etc its like guitar...so theres no point

Intersting is ukulele soprano and concert ok agree


Now i try to answer all others...sono contento i like you all thanks :)

gondorbell -> RE: Position (Apr. 13 2018 20:40:00)


:) ok, so even fetus-position is difficult to sleep in footstool? ok :D
I tried your way but if i bend like you said i cant see fretboard its akward obviously im beginner thanks

gondorbell -> RE: Position (Apr. 13 2018 20:42:36)


gondorbell -> RE: Position (Apr. 13 2018 21:00:31)

Thanks long dude for your answer...its for me like...many answers take guitar top sofa or like you say some pillow etc...i like to be without nothing and just find the position---adjusting stuff around guitar and rests and pillows and like i said earlier taking whole bed with me ...no...

so someway my question was stupid,but cause new to flamenco its not.

Now.. i have continue practicing 3 days every week thanks to Orhan.
Still long hand makes problems..i dont get guitar ass in like armpit or under biceps. But ok otherwise. :) Puo essere hands find their way..:)

gondorbell -> RE: Position (Apr. 13 2018 21:26:38)

seeso ok :)

gondorbell -> RE: Position (Apr. 13 2018 21:30:52)

Thanks for reply- Low chair you mean under böollocks under peppu?
i feel like higher a chair better..not sure that is areason i asked...by the way where you bought your glasses i mean do you see through ? ;)

Piwin -> RE: Position (Apr. 13 2018 22:56:06)


I tried your way but if i bend like you said i cant see fretboard



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