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gondorbell -> Introduction (Mar. 24 2018 10:34:58)

Its silent like black felt boot factory at middle of night during electricity blackout in christmas :D

Seems to be that introduction page doesnt

I am Gondor(Pietari) from Finland. Just after christmas i sold both my steel string acoustic guitars, cause i thought what a hell i havent played almost 2 tears nothing... but about same time my soul doing another things..fingers tried to find some solution they knew i need to play. I found classic guitar forum or something thenn SUCKSQUUEEZEBANGBLOW ;D i find Foroflamenco...

I have red all 100 pages of general forum (not all subjects but all pages) during 3 months...i feel i know many of you...:)

what a history when you go through all... i said ..i am so called hmmm playing every now and then in my life..typical campfire slash friend things...normal chords or basic barree no problem.

Now because you all and this simons forum i have got back in guitar...oh..this is so difficult this flamenco... my thumb is over the neck and i try to find my pick :) Magnifica! i have get back enthusiasm for my old days (im 45, 2 kids ,lorry driver).

So, i bought for a start(after selling my all steel-stuff) admira a2 classical and i have follow now two months Orhan (atrafana).beginners course which i found to be great and i have also email to him. I am going to follo through his free beginners course first,cause i notice all technics are so different what i have got used to.

When i was in Lapponia where i am from originally i remember when my uncles gave me few c.casettes like simon & garfunkel first touch to flamenco now i remember..was name gerardo nunez.

then naturally teenager i am heavy sabbath purple etc metallica etc still listenin also heavy.

but when u get older also your head goes soft ;)

one what i like very much is vaya con dios and dani klein.i was in belgium at last concert. also richie blackmores night i lke and have seen. now flamenco is always been something that grap my soul or balls..happy to find it (or i wanted to find it?).

Next june Tomatito comes to Finland and i am very eager to go...
I am continue to study flamenco basics following Orhans lessons. I will purchase later his lessons when i can play his beginners lessons first.

Thanks to ricardo florian ron arash duende and i mean all of you. nice to read and study...step by step.


Piwin -> RE: Introduction (Mar. 25 2018 12:57:46)

Welcome to the foro!

mrstwinkle -> RE: Introduction (Mar. 25 2018 14:27:57)

Tervetuloa foorumiin!

gondorbell -> RE: Introduction (Mar. 29 2018 22:00:31)

thanks very much :)

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