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JohnWalshGuitar -> RIP La Negra (Mar. 7 2018 22:17:12)

It seems every time I'm on here I'm like a death notice in a newspaper but I'm sorry to hear of the passing of La Negra today, one of my favourites.

El Burdo -> RE: RIP La Negra (Mar. 8 2018 8:18:19)

Same for me; when I returned with passion a few years ago to flamenco I was deeply affected by her singing and personality, particularly in this video. Following those involved was also instructive. I also enjoyed observing the dynasty and the depth of their involvement in cante and baile. My two favourite videos are at a wedding on the beach and with Lole singing an arabic song. (Maybe it's Zambra?). I never read much about her here so wasn't sure how she was regarded by the foro. But nonetheless, RIP Antonia 'La Negra' Moreno and thank you.

mrstwinkle -> RE: RIP La Negra (Mar. 12 2018 17:55:18)

Again reminded how much I love Camaron as a guitarist. Sure he was no flashy falsetta-meister, but his sensibilities are spot-on.

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