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Solquemia -> RE: Custom cases in Europe? (Mar. 7 2018 12:08:44)

cool cheers man,
yeh basically looking for a case in the worst case scenario it has to get checked in.
another question i had, what is the difference between the visenut which seem to be a high quality plastic compared to say a carbon fibre, in terms of protection.

thanks again,

Richard Jernigan -> RE: Custom cases in Europe? (Mar. 7 2018 19:13:19)

I don't know of any documented tests of either the carbon fiber Karura cases or the Visesnut. I have two of each. The Karuras are notably heavier.

Personally, I think both are adequate for checked baggage. I'm planning to travel next week, and I'm thinking of taking a guitar with me. At the moment I'm leaning toward using one of the Karura cases, not because it's a better case, but because I prefer the case cover I will use to keep it from getting scratched up.

I have a padded cover for a Visesnut, but I think the cloth of the Karura cover is more resistant to damage than the outer layer of the Visesnut cover.

But I think Ricardo uses his Visesnut. I don't know whether he has ever had to check it. If so, maybe he could report on how the cover survived airline baggage handling.


Solquemia -> RE: Custom cases in Europe? (Mar. 7 2018 22:42:50)

@Richard, thanks for that!
I see! cool, 2 of each! Spoilt for choice! hehe
They do seem quite shiny and prone to scuffing, but then again they all do, that cover seems to be a great idea.
Interested to hear Ricardo's experience with them if he has ever checked them in.
In Australia lately there have been a few horror stories of late with instruments, poor soul's double base had the neck snapped! i know there is no chance to carry on a double base the but force to snap a neck on them things must be quite brutal.

estebanana -> RE: Custom cases in Europe? (Mar. 8 2018 3:42:45)

This whole thread reminds me of a dire straits song.

jalalkun -> RE: Custom cases in Europe? (Jul. 27 2020 11:41:15)

yeah so...I had this guy from Poland build a case for me. I've been quite happy with it, until...
I had a humidifier in the case right next to the guitar's side, as there is a little space I can fit a guitar nomad humidifier in it. The case was on the back seat of my car and I didn't think much of it. It stayed there for 20 minutes and there was a little sunlight shining through. Long story short, the case heated up, the heat seeped through and heated up the humidifier (plastic) and it steamed off the finish where the humidifier was touching the guitar....[:@]

the finish is being repaired right now, and I was again looking for a good case. I bought a hiscox pro-II-gcl-L, which should have been okay (390mm lower bout), but these extra pads made it fit way too snug for my liking. also when closing the case, the strings don't mute, so there's too much vibration/stress inside the case and the lid doesn't sit flush with the top. so this one went back.

I might try out the Gewa Air case, which might be good, but the neck rest is mere string compartments that you can take out, and no headstock cradle. I'm thinking custom again, maybe accord, maybe hoffee...but I'm clueless.

Ricardo -> RE: Custom cases in Europe? (Jul. 27 2020 14:34:22)


It stayed there for 20 minutes and there was a little sunlight shining through.

Dude! If the water inside the car is boiling ie steam hot, no fancy case in the world can solve your problem. Bring the poor instrument into a non-greenhouse environment. Anything more than like 5-10 minutes is too much. I know a guy whose glue joints came undone after he left it in the trunk.

jalalkun -> RE: Custom cases in Europe? (Jul. 27 2020 14:54:56)

thing is, it wasn't actually that hot inside the car. I literally got into the car, put it on the back seats (i park my car in the company's parking garage) and drove off. So there was no way for the car to heat up that much. I'm extremely picky about where I put my guitar, I just didn't expect the case to heat up from german sunlight in may. in our latitudes you don't get that heavy sunlight.

do you think these cibeles cases are any good? I'm also thinking of giving visesnut another go...

gerundino63 -> RE: Custom cases in Europe? (Jul. 27 2020 15:28:42)

I had the same problem.

I solved this, with a stanley knife and cut out the cushion where it gave the pegs pression to the cushion.

You live in German. You can borrow my visesnut if you have to fly. Willing to drive to Utrecht.

JasonM -> RE: Custom cases in Europe? (Jul. 27 2020 16:43:46)

Wow! Maybe it wasn’t that hot in the car, but if your guitar is French polished, it will use any opportunity it can get to destroy itself when you aren’t looking.

edguerin -> RE: Custom cases in Europe? (Jul. 29 2020 18:22:51)

I bought a BAM classical guitar case + flight cover two years ago, and am quite happy with them.

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