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Morante -> Valeriano Bernal RIP (Feb. 1 2018 10:13:06)

JohnWalshGuitar -> RE: Valeriano Bernal RIP (Feb. 1 2018 11:17:23)

Sad news indeed. I have a wonderful negra of his, one of the last he made himself.

Escribano -> RE: Valeriano Bernal RIP (Feb. 1 2018 11:35:09)

My first flamenco guitar and still an excellent one[:(]

NewPlayer -> RE: Valeriano Bernal RIP (Feb. 1 2018 15:13:25)

I also owned the 'sueno' model. Very flamenco sounding and easy to play. I always regretted selling it.

Morante -> RE: Valeriano Bernal RIP (Feb. 1 2018 15:25:35)

My wife is from Algodonales, so I got to know him well, though I never had one of his guitars. We used to sit in the sun with a glass of Rioja and he told me lots of things from his life, some of which you could not publish.

He lived a full life and was always happy.

pundi64 -> RE: Valeriano Bernal RIP (Feb. 1 2018 19:52:41)

RIP, swift journey.

julianev -> RE: Valeriano Bernal RIP (Feb. 1 2018 21:30:19)

RIP. Very sad news. I own a rather beaten up Gitano and sold a lovely Sueno, which I similarly regret. I also heard a Embrujo of his a while back with the red wax stamp inside which was one of the most mindblowing negras I've heard.

mrstwinkle -> RE: Valeriano Bernal RIP (Feb. 2 2018 8:26:21)

Sad news. My current fixxer-upper project is an old 1982 Bernal so probably passed through his hands A little bit of motivation not to completely bodge the job.

Haithamflamenco -> RE: Valeriano Bernal RIP (Mar. 4 2018 4:49:53)

[:(] my god, I feel so sad to hear this,

RIP Valeriano Bernal, I always loved his guitars the competitor of HSL,

ole valeriano adios[:o]

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