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Ricardo -> Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 16 2017 17:34:34)

Ok, sorry to bring this topic up but it just popped up in my news feed and I felt compelled to share. I almost got into this with a family member at thanksgiving dinner but dropped it, after I was told that pilots and astronauts WERE scientists (eye roll). Anyway, three important points from this story.

1. Democratic leaders seem to, horrifyingly, fall for the suduction of what I call "ignorant redneck conspiracy theories" just as easily as their Repulican counter parts...that is when they are not all busy groping women or what not.

2. 22 million dollars of tax pay money allocated by Pentagon budget ended up in the hands of ONE billionaire UFO buff that collected plastic and metal scraps and stored em in Vegas, and they call it an important secret millitary investigation project. [8|][&:]. I guess we consider it lucky it was only 5 years of research that we were getting ripped off?

3. Saddly the layout and look of this article will do nothing but fuel the conspiracy theories. Yay!!! Merry X mas.

Piwin -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 16 2017 17:58:03)

The conspiracy is real. It's just not where you think. We're WATCHING you Ricardo. You can run, but you can't hide.


BarkellWH -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 16 2017 18:03:33)

It confirms my low opinion of then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The whole lot of them mentioned in the article as supporters of the project--Reid, Bigelow, Elizondo, et al--appear to have never gotten over their "Roswell, NM"-"Area 51" fantasies. The only sane statement in the article is from the MIT Astro-Physicist Sara Seager.

"While not addressing the merits of the program, Sara Seager, an astrophysicist at M.I.T., cautioned that not knowing the origin of an object does not mean that it is from another planet or galaxy. 'When people claim to observe truly unusual phenomena, sometimes it’s worth investigating seriously,' she said. But, she added, 'what people sometimes don’t get about science is that we often have phenomena that remain unexplained.'”

The conspiracy theorists no doubt will consider Professor Seager's statement confirmation of the cover-up.


Sr. Martins -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 16 2017 18:04:30)

No need

for that [sm=tongue.gif]

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estebanana -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 17 2017 1:05:46)

You should write about politics more often Ricardo. You bring all the girls to the yard.

Ruphus -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 17 2017 11:02:57)

In times before the electron microscope, chemistry teachers used to molest me with blurb which me just couldn´t get a grasp of. Electrons striving to be eight on an outer circle around protrons ... WTF!? Just leave me alone ... [8|]

Then there are those old bones which are supposed to prove that mankind evolved over a period longer than 6000 years. Could the boney relics not have been dropped by meteorites for instance? [8D]

Pretty much everything pointing to a through and through corrupted world and spectacle of 'public´s representation' through conscientious fellow uncles; but must it be proving anything?

As long as there can´t be produced detailed lists of offshore accounts from public notabilities showing $ billions that are donated to them on behalf of good business, the common mismanagement and public loss ought to stay excessive coincidence. -And skeptics conspiracy theorists.

Same counts for conscientious fellow uncle´s resistance against measures that could put an end to existence of discrete transactions and offshore accounts. They will be having their reasons to the advantage of the people (... in golf clubs for instance).

Today a newspapers´reader stated about the public suspicion of North Korean´s supposed hacking of a bitcoin market, that assumption and conclusion ought to exclusively be conspiracy theory whenever it relates to western states. Why only would he say that?

In this very moment the last of primeval Romanian forest is being deforested. Now not illegally anymore like until 2 or 3 years or so ago. Laws have been rewritten on the fly to accommodate the Eldorado.

Consider the total price gauging in the wood market. Each skinny tree being worth many thousands of bucks. And these huge things for free are just standing around in numbers of thousands of items. Only waiting for the saw.

So who are you to once again see corruption and treachery with alleged representatives whose countries and their people are constantly being bent over through regency of thousands of years old elite and mafia configuration?

A lunatic, naturally. For, what you think to be having before your eyes can only be happening on the moon, but not at the wisdom spring of our sobriety.

Your clues that are not the ones we like to note as relevant, have been dropped by meteorites, amigo. These e.g. are currently knocking over old trees in Romania. Just check out on meteorite impacts and you´ll understand what scientific reality looks like.

BarkellWH -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 17 2017 12:28:19)

I mentioned this in a previous thread, but it seems especially appropriate now.

From 1975 until 1989, former Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire bestowed upon various U.S. government offices and officials the "Golden Fleece" award ("fleecing" the taxpayer) for wasteful government spending of taxpayer money. On one occasion in the early 1980s, Proxmire presented the award to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for funding the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program.

Proxmire's reasoning, stated as part of the award, was, "It is hard enough to find intelligent life in Washington. Why are we looking for it in outer space?" Given our current crop of poseurs and lightweights in the Executive and Legislative branches, it is hard to argue with him.


Ruphus -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 17 2017 14:30:00)

Taken from a German news site and sent through Google translator (Which appears to be wokring better and better, thanks to AI):

"Most scientists who deal with the subject have a simple answer to that. Even the optimists among them suspect that there are a few thousand intelligent civilizations in our Milky Way. Sounds pretty good. But even if one of these civilizations has a space program and is interested in looking for intelligent life, the Milky Way is unimaginably large.

With its 100 to 300 billion stars, it has a diameter of about 100,000 light years at a thickness of 3000 light-years. Even with a few thousand sly alien peoples, the mean distance between two civilizations would be around 1000 light-years."

This is like discussing current whereabouts by means of alchemy.
If extraterrestrial or any advanced life was to considerably be moving through space, it would certainly not be happening by our currently explored options of steam engines.

Our current means make even just Mars excursions a nonesense. These means are not up to any cosmic travel worth mentioning. Yet, it doesn´t mean that there could be no ways to bridge any cosmic dimension within a blink of an eye, or at least within realistic period of time.

What would you have said if I had told you only just decades ago that there would be music and data on plastic discs which could he read by laser beam? And that the data could even be erased and rewritten? USB sticks of TB capacity?
Nano? 3D-printers?

To lots of current tech you might have said: "Impossible".

I mentioned it before. Coincidentally in the year 2007 (when "Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program" was started) me witnessed diverse occurrences over a Middle Eastern metropolis that could not be had with known technology.

But good to know that some of you know already that me must have had a crack pipe then. Religion (= predetermined perception) is good to have, innit?
I understand that. Until ~ 15 years ago, me used to be first in line to reject possible space travel, for not having heard of hypothetical physical options outside of empirics yet.

Piwin -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 17 2017 14:42:25)

Was anyone here arguing that they knew for a fact extraterrestrial life didn't exist?

The SETI programme makes sense in that it is pointed towards finding alien life, and specifically that. Whether it's a realistic goal given our current means is another issue, but at least the objective is clear and not unreasonable. But when you have a program that is about identifying UFOs, it makes no sense at all to grant all the money to an alien enthusiast. The whole point of UFOs is that they are unidentified...give the money to one single person whose jumped the logical gun and thinks he's already got the answer, then you're opening up the process to all sorts of confirmation biases and whatnot. If it's really about identifying UFOs, you need a much larger variety of experts than just people interested in the possibility that UFOs are alien in origin.

Ruphus -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 17 2017 14:58:44)

It´s been a miserable 22 mio taken from a 600 billion budget of war games.

-And the folks continued research since 5 years without budget.

Piwin -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 17 2017 15:00:41)

That much I agree on!

It´s been a miserable 22 mio taken from a 600 billion budget of war games.

Arash -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 17 2017 21:14:11)

I think the aliens are already here.
They came 10 years ago and installed Bitcoin (thats why nobody knows who satoshi nakamato is, cause its the aliens).....its the first step towards an intergalactic currency where at the end, they will hack our systems, steal all of our money worldwide and fly back to their planet with their UFOs.

Ricardo -> RE: Pentagon "black money" (Dec. 18 2017 14:38:24)


ORIGINAL: Sr. Martins

No need

for that [sm=tongue.gif]

Ok I forgot all about black project money

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