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Inglés -> Flamenco teachers in London (Oct. 6 2017 17:19:01)

Can anyone recommend a good teacher (for beginner) in London? Escribano recommended Ramon Ruiz, who I've also seen play and warmed to as a performer. If anyone else has learned with Ramon please let me know your thoughts.

Any other recommendations for teachers, names of total cowboys I should avoid, or just general advice on how to pick / assess a teacher - all advice gratefully received.

julianev -> RE: Flamenco teachers in London (Oct. 7 2017 14:37:55)

Francisco Antonio http://www.estiloflamenco.com - the recommendation was passed on to me by my first teacher after he stopped giving lessons as the best person he'd ever studied with. He starts by teaching cante accompaniment, which is the foundation on which pretty much everything else is based. Without that there's a risk you end up just learning how to noodle some random falsetas [;)]

mrstwinkle -> RE: Flamenco teachers in London (Oct. 7 2017 15:27:59)

I did a one-off masterclass type thing with Ramon a couple of years ago but it wasn't one to one - and was way above my level. Seems like a decent guy.

I take lessons from a guy in Spain over Skype. Works well and relatively inexpensive compared to UK teachers. PM me if you want details.

Argaith -> RE: Flamenco teachers in London (Oct. 9 2017 10:41:31)

I took lessons from Francisco Antonio for quite a few years. I can't recommend him more.
He is very knowledgeable, patient and more importantly knows how to teach.

I haven't had any lessons with Ramon; I played along with him in a show. He is a very skillful player and super nice guy.

Good luck,

ddias -> RE: Flamenco teachers in London (Dec. 3 2017 8:23:30)

I’ve had lessons on and off with FA for nearly 4 years. He taught me the fundamentals of technique and compas patiently and clearly. I still refer back to the videos I recorded when I need a refresher.

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