1994 Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 2AF with pickup (Full Version)

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Blondie#2 -> 1994 Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 2AF with pickup (Sep. 16 2017 11:29:03)

All solid wood intermediate flamenco guitar from the Valencian master luthier, Ricardo Sanchis. This has been my main gigging guitar for about ten years. I wanted a guitar that was good enough to perform with, whether plugged in or playing acoustically, but not something too precious given the inevitable bumps and knocks you pick up when playing in pubs &restaurants, sometimes in very confined spaces.

Set up and playability
The guitar has had a professional set up and fret dress (cost over £100) in the last few years. It’s very comfortable and easy to play with a slim neck profile and sounds great. Action is perfect and approx. 2.8 mm at 12th fret/6th string. This is a really gutsy flamenco guitar with focussed bass and crisp, in-balance trebles. The top which I’m pretty sure is cedar gives a real sweetness to the trebles and I have used it many times at weddings for classical guitar pieces as it has great projection and clarity.

Pick up system
Includes a Pick up the World Dynamic Trio passive pick up system (twin sound board sensors mounted underneath bridge plate plus undersaddle transducer worth approx. £250 delivered to UK. See www.pickup.world). The pick up is much better than your typical undersaddle piezo installed on factory guitars, the soundboard sensors give a thick woody sound to the tone and it picks up golpes/body percussion loud and clear. The great thing is you can run it at high gain levels without any feedback.

Body condition
There is a repair to the back – two hairline cracks about an inch apart appeared in the back about five years few years ago that I had professionally repaired. There are a few dings, chips and scuffs which I have tried to photograph as clearly as possible and general handling wear as you would expect from a guitar of this age.

Guitar can be collected from Plymouth or Exeter UK or I will ship. Hard case included.

Full Spec

Year: 1994 - model 2AF - number 126-7
Body: Spanish cypress - very straight-grained. All lacquer-finished.
Fingerboard: ebony
Top: Cedar, rosewood bridge
Tuners: Gotoh (really smooth)
Scale: 657mm. 19 frets on an ebony fingerboard
Neck Width: 52mm at the nut
String Spacing: 60mm at saddle

I have a seen one or two for sale over the last five years or so and they usually go for around £850. I have priced this competitively to reflect the overall condition - £595 plus shipping.

Any questions please PM me, thanks

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Blondie#2 -> RE: 1994 Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 2AF with pickup (Sep. 17 2017 13:19:11)

a few more pics.

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benros -> RE: 1994 Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 2AF with pickup (Sep. 17 2017 15:26:22)

heyho, would you ship to germany and do you have an idea how much insured shipping would cost?

Blondie#2 -> RE: 1994 Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 2AF with pickup (Oct. 7 2017 11:33:45)


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