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Kevivn -> Intro (Sep. 10 2017 16:06:16)

Greetings Foro Flamenco Members
I just discovered this site. What a great resource for learning all about flamenco. I have been trying to play flamenco for about 2 years. Feels like I'm still in grade one. I'm going to start with the beginner Bulerias challenge. Previously I've played many styles of music on guitar and mandolin. I've also built several kinds of guitars, mostly archtop guitars. Anyway now that I'm retired I plan to focus on learning to play flamenco guitar. The journey continues.

Piwin -> RE: Intro (Sep. 10 2017 16:31:00)

It seems that some are trying to organize a new challenge. If you haven't yet, you may want to drop a vote in on the poll thread. So far the goats are winning!

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