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RobF -> Hello from Canada (Sep. 8 2017 14:53:09)

Hello to all from Ottawa, Canada. I'm a guitar maker and long time aficionado of flamenco, especially Cante.

I play a little bit of flamenco guitar, but really it's just enough to evaluate guitars - I'd be pretty embarrassed to post anything with my playing on the Foro!

I have met a few members of the Foro in the past, both from here and in Granada. I'll be back in Granada this October and I'll be there coincidental to the Guitar Festival's competition, so I'm looking forward to seeing the entries.

I've been following the Foro for about ten years now, and I'm finally getting around to joining, so I'm not sure if I'll be a high volume poster, lol, but I'll try to contribute where I can. Pleased to meet everyone.

Piwin -> RE: Hello from Canada (Sep. 9 2017 18:09:11)

Welcome to the foro (well, to the "posting" side of it anyways)

Some others were considering participating in that competition too. Not sure if any of them took the leap though (I think there was some doubt as to whether it was geared towards pro builders or amateurs or something like that). It would be great to get your impressions about it once it's over.
Anyways, that's neither here nor there. Welcome!

RobF -> RE: Hello from Canada (Sep. 9 2017 22:07:16)

Hi Piwin,

Thanks for the welcome :)

I won't be entering the competition in Granada this year, but for sure I'll be attending the parts that are open to the public. I might enter next year, however. This year is more of a 'scouting expedition' to check it out but really, it's just a good excuse to go and hang out with some old friends for a week or so, catch some Flamenco, drink Alhambra beer and eat Tapas, lol. I'll definitely post my impressions - I'm pretty sure there'll be some great guitars.


Piwin -> RE: Hello from Canada (Sep. 9 2017 22:22:27)

Oh sorry, I misread your first post and assumed you were entering the competition. I considered making the drive down myself to see some of it and enjoy a few days down there but my work schedule got in the way..
Anyways, sounds like you got the best possible plans for your stay (especially the Alhambra beer part [:)]) so enjoy your trip!

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