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agujetas -> RE: Manolo Sanlucar documentary (Jun. 16 2021 21:57:48)

Seems like an strange way of doing things. I would have thought those with the best resumes would be the least in need of help, whereas people like me, with no professional resume to speak of, could do with all the help we can get.

Ricardo -> RE: Manolo Sanlucar documentary (Jun. 17 2021 15:38:54)


I think it is sad if the Foro looks for ways of ripping and copying, which are not only illegal but grossly insulting to a fine flamenco artist and his life’s work.

Yes, my comments were sarcastic or tongue in cheek… unfortunately it is the world we live in. Although I was happy back in the day paying $600 for Encuentro tomatito moraito enrique del Melchor Riqueni Chicuelo and especially nuñez, I felt a similar instructional from Vicente Manolo or Paco, would have dominated the market, but was badly needed. Although I felt the nuñez was truly instructional and the others were performance videos only, I got a lot out of them. Later acquiring bootleg concert footage of Manolo paco and vicente I found to be just as valuable, so youtube sort of took over that role imo.

Manolo is behind the times. Few people even own DVD players at this point. Lap tops no longer have cd/dvd drives. He needs to put the entire thing on some streaming format with a reasonable pay wall rental fee. Imo.

agujetas -> RE: Manolo Sanlucar documentary (Jun. 22 2021 20:17:12)

Now with 30% discount apparently. I’m going to keep waiting...

mrstwinkle -> RE: Manolo Sanlucar documentary (Jun. 25 2021 10:12:56)

Feels way overpriced. Doubt many will buy, but I could be wrong. My sense of feels-about-right would be more like 250 euros for the set including books/PDFs, and he'd shift a lot more. Also needs download link or simply provide mp4 files for computer users.

Piwin -> [Deleted] (Jul. 30 2021 1:16:39)

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