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Stu -> Challenges?? (Aug. 30 2017 7:10:58)

What happened to the challenges?
I haven't been around much until recently but noticed that challenges don't seem to happen any more? Why is that? Flame just died?

I never took part but always enjoyed listening and following the progress and always thought I'd get involved one day.

So what happened to them?

jalalkun -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 30 2017 11:51:00)

I've been asking this myself the whole time stu. anyone in for a challenge? I'd love to take part and see if my skill can be put to the test >:)

Stu -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 30 2017 15:07:03)

I'm always potentially keen. I'm getting my guitar fixed this weekend so will be keen to play more again. Although having a young baby makes any practice time hard to come by.... Let alone enough time to practice for a challenge.

But keen nonetheless

Dudnote -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 30 2017 15:11:51)

It just needs someone to organise it. Lenny organised the last one that actually worked with the help of Rui and John Walsh. It's a fair bit of work and comitment to make that sort of thing a success. I'm sure if someone put a new one together there would be people getting involved.

LeƱador -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 30 2017 18:50:22)

I'd participate depending on what it is.
The last one I tried to be democratic and let the people add their two cents on the design of it and it was tough. Someone just has to take the initiative to put it together.

Cervantes -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 30 2017 20:47:37)

I would be interested as I need other people to hear my crappy playing which will hopefully get me to step it up a notch.

El Kiko -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 30 2017 23:15:54)

I did think of that ... and i have a few interesting ideas ...but i also have organised a few ....and in doing so am not allowed to enter ...
however ...if it was one it would be a winter challenge ,, and xmass holidays would be factored in

Schieper -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 31 2017 9:33:45)

I will just post your composition under my name and we can share the trophy El Kiko. Just do not tell the others :-)

Stu -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 31 2017 11:01:18)

Maybe theres a way of simplifying the format for less work for organizers.

It all seemed to get super detailed and complicated.

Do away with all that different judging criteria, and just get one score. People listen to the ten entries and say. This one is the best.

I dunno.

Sr. Martins -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 31 2017 12:10:30)

If the entries are uploaded to a folder on a filesharing service, everyone can participate, even the organizers.

Ricardo -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 31 2017 13:33:47)

This kind of thing was more fun (less competitive) than the challenges:

Could try something like this again, or compile into a single track?

Sr. Martins -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 31 2017 13:48:45)

I haven't tested this but it should solve all the compile/sync issues.

Looks simple to use.

Stu -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 31 2017 14:44:55)

I totally missed that. Did it work out??

Maybe in this modern age of skype/FaceTime stability we could actually have a real time juerga... Just over video[:D]

Dudnote -> RE: Challenges?? (Aug. 31 2017 19:55:18)

Thanks for the thumbs up Ricardo. Yeah it was fun, I think the only reason I never put the final track together was I wanted to redo my own parts but never got round to it [:D] and as someone mentioned towards the end of that thread, the final track wasn't really as important as the process.

Perhaps we could kick that thread back to life at some point in the future. Although I don't have a computer right now, so if anyone wants to take over techie side of things then go for it.

@Stu - there were some nice uploads in the juerga thread, you should check them out.

@Rui - not sure I looked at that one. Could be worth looking in to.

El Kiko -> RE: Challenges?? (Sep. 2 2017 11:20:14)

I always wanted to try something more original like ..

everyone compose there own Sevillanas round ...thats kinda easy as it repeats itself a few times and the beginning is like the end etc ....
However , you still gotta be inventive , and in any key you like ...skys the limit so long as it fits the right ammount of bars

Anyway,.... you get enough of them in and then pick the best 4 to make one completley original ForoSevillanas

maybe get some one good here to record it as a complete piece

I think it could be neeto .. and you end up with something playable and useable as well .....

Dudnote -> RE: Challenges?? (Sep. 2 2017 21:14:24)

Nice idea Kiko. I'll get composing... just as soon as I can tear my self away from improvising endless escobillas...

El Kiko -> RE: Challenges?? (Sep. 7 2017 21:14:24)

i think more people are needed

Flamencito -> RE: Challenges?? (Sep. 8 2017 14:01:36)

I would love an alegrias challenge at the moment

Dudnote -> RE: Challenges?? (Sep. 8 2017 19:58:58)


ORIGINAL: Flamencito
I would love an alegrias challenge at the moment

You got any particular material in mind?

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