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Piwin -> RE: recommendation (Sep. 1 2017 18:23:24)


yeah that be a lot what i mean. how many types there are even?

Far too many! [:D] There are a lot. And they all get subdivided into different styles, so you have things like "bulerias de jerez", "bulerias de cadiz", etc. It's really a mess!
But I think if you look up the names people suggested and add "bulerias", "tangos" or maybe "rumbas" (since you liked gritos de guerra in vengo, that was rumba) you might find some more stuff you like. Anyways, hope that helps!

spain -> RE: recommendation (Sep. 1 2017 19:16:14)

yes thanks, kinda getting into that mess. [;)]

Ricardo -> RE: recommendation (Sep. 2 2017 19:23:26)


anyway actualy i did hear a bit of almost any mentioned by you all, just trying to explain, that havent found anything much what would fit to me.

Good, you keep your Estrella, I will keep my chonchi!!!!

spain -> RE: recommendation (Sep. 8 2017 11:08:37)

just must add i finaly found some - marina heredia. [:)] how it comes none mentioned her, is she related with chonchi heredia┬┐ think its exactly the same style like estrella, so thanks anyway. [:)]

mark indigo -> RE: recommendation (Sep. 8 2017 15:12:25)


marina heredia. how it comes none mentioned her
noone did? i thought they had, but so many names flying one just got missed....

did you see this?

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