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spain -> hello (Aug. 10 2017 12:32:43)

how i got to flamenco: always listened to various kinds of music, includes also latino. short time ago met a girl on net, which is from spain, costa brava. im also from europe anyway and funny, spain been all time my favourite country, for all their known features. also speak spanish a bit. i must say, this country became definitely my fav, love the mentality, girls and of music - clapping and "oleey" in flamenco, became the same i must just love. only not knowing many its music, know estrella morente, which is kind of my favourite one. if u could recommend some kind of "fresh", maybe more variable, just anything u like, would be glad.

Escribano -> RE: hello (Aug. 10 2017 20:08:24)

Welcome Spain!

Erik van Goch -> RE: hello (Aug. 10 2017 22:07:48)

Welcome to the foro

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