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Ruphus -> Precious Items (Jul. 28 2017 6:54:47)

Where anything other than moldy tomatoes is hard to find, one might run out of cigarette papers.

So, I found these in my 32 year old motor biking jacket, which´s diverse pockets have never been emptied. (Except of one, that was hastily completely cleared by a thief, while me been around the corner or such. There was some cash inside too. -Oh yeah, and there was that reaching into the inside pocket by someone else, reducing to 6 of originally 8 $1000 checks. ... Darn, it´s coming to me while I write, and right after arrival those 3,5 Euro grands of ten from same pocket. Anyway now.)

I don´t know for how many summers and winters, cities and countries this discrete reserve has been with me.

(Should have made a white balance. Looking yellowish filthy in the photo. The cardboard under scrapped off spots actually being white.)

Doesn´t it look beautiful? Like worn denim, innit?

What have you got?

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Ricardo -> RE: Precious Items (Jul. 28 2017 19:31:27)

I once found my buddy's credit card inside my winter jacket pocket....he had lost it and cancelled it years before. He must have borrowed it one winter to have a smoke outside on a gig.

Ruphus -> RE: Precious Items (Jul. 31 2017 2:01:14)

Easy to imagine how one puts the card there, just to not keep it in hands, also preventing to possibly lose it, and how next day it would have completely slipped memory that you put it into your friend´s jacket while having a smoke. Bad luck.

Thanks for sharing my lonely thread, Ricardo! :O)

Escribano -> RE: Precious Items (Jul. 31 2017 8:36:47)

I own a very faded Levi jacket that I bought in Oxford Street, London, the day after the morning after The Great Storm of 1987 as I cycled across the city to work (the transport system was severely affected). The shop windows were blown in, so it was reduced in price (to £40 I think). I wore it for several years but then it languished in a box. I found it recently and will post a photo here.

Ruphus -> RE: Precious Items (Jul. 31 2017 12:30:51)

Me got a jacket too, which I bought in London in 1977 I think.
On Kings road, like every decent tourist should.
Used to wear it throughout the years. Only stopped using it here in Middle East. Just not the place for free choice, and I am asking for trouble enough already as is.

Will upload a picture too.

Here it is.

It´s been through a lot and all kinds of places. From open air concerts and camp fires to luxury hotels and fine eating places. The outer pocket on the right side is being half torn-off once again. Both had to be re-attached, after me having slipped off on icy road and cushioning without taking hands out first. Funny to see two pockets like ironed onto the ground.

Fringes on the lower left side were chewn off by an acquaintance's incredibly greedy dog. The man had a French restaurant, and as I never fed the dog he might have taken revenge.

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