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CA_Sevilla01 -> Cordoba Loriente Sofia Models (May 4 2017 17:23:35)


I have a question to ask and i'd figure this would be the best place to ask it. I picked up a Loriente Marietta model like 4 months ago and it has a phenomenal sound and build. I put it up against my Camps primera 1a negra, Ramirez FL2 and Ramirez 4ncwe and it was much more clearer and louder. The trebles where crisp, clean and clear with a deep bass. After buying this guitar i wanted to get another but a Step up from the Marietta. I am Currently in the process of picking up a Sofia Loriente Model and want to play pretty much everything with it, Flamenco and Classical. I have a friend who has two and is offering me to sell me one but.......he has one that is an early Sofia build and a fairly newer build. The old one is built with brazilian back and sides and the new one has Madagascar back and sides, he is selling them to me for almost the same price each. I don't know which one to pick?

As you guys know most guitars are not built with brazilian woods any more ( Lacey Act ) and this alone should give the cost of the guitar 1 - 3k more in price simply one the wood. I know you should try everything before buying and I usually try out everything before i buy but my friend lives in another state : ( Anyways guys, let me know your opinions k?


LeƱador -> RE: Cordoba Loriente Sofia Models (May 4 2017 23:58:50)

Loriente line is somewhat new and......Cordoba.....I can't imagine it having Brazilian back and sides.....almost certain it's Indian maybe african......
That said, are you buying the guitar to play or to sell?? Play them and choose the better one regardless of wood.....

CA_Sevilla01 -> RE: Cordoba Loriente Sofia Models (May 13 2017 4:44:03)


Thanks for the reply, that definitely seems to be the better choice is.....sound....not The think is that Brazilian on back and sides on a guitar now a days is becoming a rarely in newer models and it is said that any guitar with brazilian on it will sell for 2k - 3k more in price because of this. I do own a Marietta in Indian Rosewood and OMG the sound is incredible, my gosh

Turner -> RE: Cordoba Loriente Sofia Models (Jun. 20 2017 18:07:00)

As the guys above say, it's all about the sound in the end so you really should play them first or it's like picking a wife from a catalogue ... you might get lucky but probably not.
The BRW will make it more difficult for international travel so if you're planning to take the guitar with you maybe don't get this. At worst, ask your friend to make a couple of short videos of him playing them and glean the best sound from that, but it's a very second class way of picking a guitar as you won't get to grips with 'does one feel better than the other when I play it'.
Good luck.

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