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Piwin -> labor day (May 1 2017 7:39:17)

Happy Labor Day everybody!

(except you weirdos who celebrate it in September, or worse, don't celebrate it at all)

estebanana -> RE: labor day (May 2 2017 1:42:21)

Hey Chumley, everyday is labor day for me. Have beer .

Richard Jernigan -> RE: labor day (May 5 2017 4:53:11)

America couldn't celebrate Labor Day on the same date as all those feelthy socialists, or worse yet a bunch of damn' Russians, be they godless communists or religious nationalists. America is Capitalist, as God intended.

Last time I visited my college room mate in Munich four years ago, we were chuckling over how U.S. politicians were always promising to defend America against the degeneracy of socialism as seen in Europe, while at the same time European politicians were promising never to let their countries fall prey to rapacious capitalism like The USA.


Piwin -> RE: labor day (May 5 2017 5:37:11)

Very true.
On the other end of the spectrum you have those "social commentators" who blindly praise the other side of the pond (whichever is the other side for them).
I remember having a good laugh at Michael Moore's documentary where he went to France. I don't know what France he went to, but it definitely wasn't the one I'd been living in [&:]
He went around showing how all these expats and upper middle-classe people had access to all these dirt-cheap services to help them out, like state-sponsored nannies or whatever. But not once did he stop and ask what life was like for those providing those services.
Funny how you can make anything or anyone either look great or god-awful as long as you're willing to carefully select the facts. Though I guess nowadays you could always just make up your own facts anyways.

estebanana -> RE: labor day (May 5 2017 7:03:10)

Oi, Moore is such an embarrassment. I'm glad he's not getting much press. I call him Chomsky Populism. He's absurd and it's great, but if he were funny it would be more effective. His earnestness is difficult to take. At least Borat' as low level as it was put Sasha Baron in a place where he looked like a fool. The fool delivery of a truth of bigotry was effective.

Right now we have Golden Week, the Japanese labor day lasts 10 days if you begin on the right day.

Of course I'm not taking ten days. But there are some cheap date activities we do. I'm going to make lemon curd tomorrow. And I might go fishing I. A few days.

Piwin -> RE: labor day (May 5 2017 9:24:53)


And I might go fishing

Lucky man. Enjoy!

estebanana -> RE: labor day (May 5 2017 9:41:40)

I have not been fishing since fall. And now is kisu season. If I catch a dozen kisu it cancels out at least a week of bad behaviour.

Kisu is Silago in our languages. It's coveted as a fish you fry whole as tempura.

BarkellWH -> RE: labor day (May 5 2017 11:42:17)


Oi, Moore is such an embarrassment....I call him Chomsky Populism

Michael Moore is a shallow gadfly and a blowhard. His early stuff was vaguely clever, but long ago he descended into irrelevance. I like your comparison to Chomsky, who should have stuck with linguistics theory. As soon as Chomsky ventured into the realm of political-economy and U.S. foreign policy, he demonstrated he was out of his depth.

Another thing I find irritating are Hollywood "celebrities" who wear their liberalism on their sleeves while closely guarding their own fortunes. Alec Baldwin, while a good actor and a wonderful impersonator of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, is an obnoxious blowhard when it comes to American politics. Remember in the 2000 election when Baldwin said he would leave the country if George W. Bush won the election? Well George Bush did and Alec Baldwin didn't. One more "celebrity" blowhard who would have been better off keeping his mouth shut.


Piwin -> RE: labor day (May 5 2017 12:23:22)


Remember in the 2000 election when Baldwin said he would leave the country if George W. Bush won the election?

It reminds be of when our national symbol for overeating and drunkenness, Gerard Depardieu, left for Russia in one of his tantrums. I think he thought he was making a point. I sure as hell don't know what that point was.

estebanana -> RE: labor day (May 6 2017 1:35:49)

I read Putin gave Mr. D. a tax amnesty from nasty old France expecting him to pay taxes. I could be wrong, but I believe Putin conferred Russian citizenship on Big Dep.

Baldwin's send up's of Trump are still interesting, I don't howl with laughter,but seeing Trump gut punched in his thoughtless paunch makes me feel less hopeless.

It would be wise if someone on his team of numbskulls alerts him to the fact that the Underground Railroad is not a long, long Amtrack tunnel in New Jersey. The Harriet Tubman paper currency will begin to circulate during his reign of stupidity, so I hope he gets it right.

Amtrack might cease to exist by the time Trump finishes, the Republican Congress wants to kill the US Postal Service and Amtrack. Nothing could be dumber, except perhaps when Trump said Fredrick Douglass was "doing a fabulous job" - he'd been dead for a century... If only he would have consulted the Pullmans Union for the actual story.

The latest gaff "Andrew Jackson would have prevented the Civil War" makes me angry, not because Trump does not know history, which is a heinous oversight for a US president, but because he presumes to speak for a dead president. Did he and Lord Vader-Bannon have a Jackson calling seance' the previous night? It's as if Tony Blair or the May, whatever her name is, lady were to say: "Churchill did a poor job protecting England during WWII, Lord Chamberlain was very, very angry and could have prevented WWII." It would cause a furor, but Trump says the equivalent and his followers nod in agreement. Or if TeeMay were to say: "Those Indians were a dreadful of pack of trouble. Lord Mountbatten should have handled himself better and put down the small rebellion."

And I won't even start on Afghanistan, the grave yard of empires. Trump's empire has bought its burial plot ahead of time I hear. Near the golf course.

Historians do not presume to understand what a historical figure would have done. Well, not real historians. They may after protracted study of a figure propose alternate scenarios to make a point of contrast that helps one understand a piece of history. Trump is not at that level by any stretch of the imagination. And his conflation of Jackson's legacy is meant to underscore his administrations subtext of white supremacy. What other reason to offer an alternate version of history wherein a white conservative anti- emancipation slave owning president saves the country from a war about slavery? The only reason is to put forward a false narrative that could be plausible, but is really in service of a white supremacist fantasy of revised history. It's white empowerment after the fact, which indulges in a deluded racist intention.

For now Alec Baldwin making fun of him is still fun, or lightly cathartic. I expect the Trump gaffs to incite more scholars to speak out about how history really happens and not the White House -white -wash -alt version. We have a virulent pack of white nationalist revisionists advising a mentally crippled sock puppet president. What really I wonder, to amuse myself, is what Gore Vidal in his prime, or Hunter Thomson in his 1972 days would have written about Herr Trump?

Vidal I expect would be scathing and erudite in his intellectually bitchy way. He might school him on Abe Lincoln and the Civil War. And Thompson I imagine would come up with colorful language about a clutch of poisonous frogs sitting at the presidents feet. I'm no Donald Trump, and I certainly don't possess his visionary gift of being able to read Andrew Jackson's mind after he has been dead for a century and a half, so I'll refrain from total speculation.

Piwin -> RE: labor day (May 6 2017 3:20:40)


Amtrack might cease to exist by the time Trump finishes, the Republican Congress wants to kill the US Postal Service and Amtrack.

And I know for a fact that the people over at Alstom are uneasy. They had just signed a contract last-summer for a few dozen high-speed trains in the North-East corridor and they were getting geared-up to start larger operations in the US.
It'd be a shame to see Amtrak go under. The train is by far my favorite means of transportation.

One thing Moore could have taked about during his stay in France would have been the French postal service. To survive the decline of snail mail, they've branched out into banking services and other stuff. But at the core of it all there's still a strong sense of public service. Back when I lived in Paris, our postman would drop by once a week to visit my 90-year old neighbor. Not because he had mail, just because he was 90 and she thought it was appropriate to check up on him from time to time, especially since he really couldn't leave the house anymore. Apparently this has turned into to some sort of offical service they provide, thought at the time she was just doing it because it was the right thing to do.
I like going to the post office here. Teresa's always making fun of my accent and bitching about their "new" system where you have to take a number before going up to the counter (it is ridiculous since there's never more than 5 people in there at the same time, and it gets in the way of one of my favorite things about Madrid: how there's no such thing as a physical queue but people will just ask "quien es el ultimo" when they walk in and make sure they pass after whoever is the ultimo for them). But I also don't understand why people would prefer buying a book on Amazon if there's a perfectly good bookstore nearby. I'm told it saves time. I'm not exactly sure what people need all this time for, especially since they seem to be wasting a lot of it trying to find some more.

estebanana -> RE: labor day (May 6 2017 5:56:13)

The US is asleep on high speed rail. I could tell you a long story. Basically the oil and tire companies purchased the private rail lines in the 50's and sold them back to the highway development depts of the states. And thus the natural egress of speed rail was converted into freeways and toll road systems.

It's a long disappointing story, especially poignant and unfortunate in the south half of my home state.

Richard Jernigan -> RE: labor day (May 9 2017 22:03:18)

I used to like to take long car trips, as we did when I was a kid. In 1949 we drove from Oklahoma City to Anchorage, Alaska; 12 days of adventure and magnificent scenery. Even Bubba the Boston Terrier loved it.

But I lived for 18 1/2 years where there were no private cars, and very few Army vehicles. Everyone went everywhere on bicycles. Heavy traffic was a car coming when you wanted to cross the road.

During that period I came back to Texas at Christmas every year. Once every five years or so I would succumb to nostalgia and stupidity, to drive from Austin to Galveston where my brother and parents lived. When I was a few miles west oF Katy, 25 miles west of downtown Houston, the traffic was bumper to bumper, four lanes in each direction, traveling 75--85 miles per hour. As the density increased, people sped up. I would look around, say to myself, "At the moment i can see 25 people who could kill me in 3 seconds, and I don't know any of them."

Last summer, heading north on U.S. 281 from downtown San Antonio, traffic was not too dense, and moving at about 75 miles per hour. My little BMW handled nimbly and rode smoothly on the good pavement. I thought, "If a committee of engineers had been tasked in 1920 to transport this many people, this fast, but with safety as a prime consideration, they certainly would not have come up with, 'Every man for himself, and the Devil take the hindmost.' "

I, too, enjoy train travel--in Europe or Japan.


BarkellWH -> RE: labor day (May 9 2017 22:53:06)


I, too, enjoy train travel--in Europe or Japan.

Train travel is my favorite mode of transportation. Comfortable, relaxing, watching the countryside go by, reading a good book, dinner or drinks in the dining or club car. In my opinion it is the only civilized way to travel, particularly in Europe. But the Amtrack Acela Express from Washington, DC to New York and Boston is pretty good, too.


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