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Escribano -> My Photo of the Week #74 (Apr. 13 2017 19:50:15)

I have dusted off my old bicycle and got my arse in gear for a change. It's been a tough year, health-wise.

A 26km ride today - not much but still hard enough, for me. My motivation is to have a photographic goal in mind.

So, this is the War Department tank engine No. 132 ("Sapper") from 1944 (with driver), ready to leave a station halfway down an old rail track which is now nearly all paved as a cycle path. I have decide to ask people if I can take their photo whilst they are looking into the lens. A change from my normal style.

On a technical note - this rather expensive camera (the Sony RX1R) is the closest I have got to film with a digital and when I look at the subconscious crop, I notice that I am favouring composition within a (square) 120 film frame. Just like my 1956 Rolleiflex, which also has a Zeiss lens - like the Sony

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Erik van Goch -> RE: My Photo of the Week #74 (Apr. 13 2017 19:58:17)

Great shot

gerundino63 -> RE: My Photo of the Week #74 (Apr. 13 2017 20:39:37)

As always spot on Simon!
Beatiful sharp dept, and also a nice perspective with the guy in the next wagon.

rombsix -> RE: My Photo of the Week #74 (Apr. 13 2017 21:50:49)

Cool dude. [:D][8D] Looks like he's about to kick your ass. [:)]

BarkellWH -> RE: My Photo of the Week #74 (Apr. 14 2017 1:15:13)

Lots of character in that face.


estebanana -> RE: My Photo of the Week #74 (Apr. 14 2017 20:37:36)

Nice work, and great lens.

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