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Erik van Goch -> TV/film/dvd/cine tip: De Matthäus Missie/Passion van Reinbert de Leeuw. (Apr. 13 2017 19:15:12)

The integral 175 minute concert will be screened on Dutch television on 14 april (NPO2 13:00)
The fabulous making of docu screens on 17 april on dutch tv (NPO2 15:00)

Last year one of Hollands most iconic musicians, Reinbert de Leeuw (78), was asked to conduct the Matthäus Passion. Suddenly a giant who spent a whole lifetime on studying/conducting/performing modern music (from Schöneberg > Oestvolskaya) had to lend/focus his musical intellect on studying/conducting music he had always considered to be divine, to divine/great in fact to dare to touch (a good friend of him, Ton Koopman, specialized in that kind of music performed/conducted the passion only once and decided not to do it a second time because it was to big, to demanding). As usual he considered it his task to honor that most divine of the divine music with the ultimate performance and as usual (after giving it some thorough thought) he had very strict ideas of how each note should be interpret/performed, quite often in a way that was quite the opposite of what the previous guest conductor required from the orchestra. So suddenly Reinbert who had no previous experience with this kind of music had to tell the Holland Baroque Ensemble things could/should be interpret differently as they had learned/practiced all their live.

The filmdocu focuses on the musical journey he makes to grab/nail the passion (which became a personal mission), the interaction with the performers, the rehearsals and part of the performance and is in a way as iconic as Reinbert himself. He insisted the performance would be done in a church and not in the big Amsterdam concerthal that traditionally host the passion, originally finding lots of resistance but in the end embraced by everybody. Many claim it is was the best performance of the Matthäus Passion they ever saw/attended and the movie is an absolute must for anyone who embraces classical music, real passion and especially Bach. He really gave himself to this music with every cell in his body and i'm not sure what is more impressive, hearing this music being performed so well or watching him becoming this piece on stage (which probably had way more impact on the big screen in the cine as it will have on a small television).

So watch and tape it on tv or buy the movie(s) on dvd.

(unfortunately the Dutch tv screening of the making of docu will be in Dutch only with lots of spoken words, guess the dvd will have an english translation as well)

So far i only knew/saw the 75 minute docufilm "the Mahäus missie of Reinbert de Leeuw" showing the proces/mission of making this performance.

As i hoped the integral 175 minute performance of this once in a lifetime performance of the Matthäus Passion was also recorded integral and it will screen around this period of time in the cine as well (release date 16-4). I saw it screens in various theaters like.

Erik van Goch -> RE: TV/film/dvd/cine tip: De Matthäus Missie/Passion van Reinbert de Leeuw. (Apr. 13 2017 22:34:30)

For who read my post before i edit new information, the integral 175 minute concert screens at dutch television today (14 april NPO2 13:00).

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